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April 20, 2007

Jesus on the golf course

Johnson Over the Easter weekend, I sat with my family and watched <gasp> a golf game. OK, not just any golf game: The Masters. This year's premier golf tournament was won, not by one of the famous names, but by a relative unknown, a newcomer, Zach Johnson. In his post-win statements, before heading into the clubhouse to get ready for his green jacket moment, Johnson told reporters that he felt the presence of Jesus with him, particularly on this holy day.

Johnson attended the same Iowa high school as Kurt Warner, the quarterback who led the Rams to a Super Bowl victory a few years back. Like Johnson, Warner is a Christian who isn't afraid to talk openly about his faith. 

The Des Moines Register has a good article on Johnson's faith, including some advice that Warner would offer the young athlete based on his own experience in the sports world:

"Zach has a great handle on why he is there and that it is by God's grace that he is in that position," Warner said. "First and foremost, he can't ever forget that the talent that he has comes from God. That is the greatest thing he can do to make sure things don't catch up with him."

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Michael Redmond

It's nice to hear that Zach Johnson felt "the presence of Jesus" as he played golf -- his profession in life, that is, his work -- on the holiest sabbath of the Christian calendar. Did he attend services, I wonder?

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