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April 19, 2007

An Indispensable God

The events of Monday's shooting have left me rather silent, partially because, like most, I've been filtering through my thoughts wondering what it is I really want to say. But I read this recent article in the Boston Globe this morning, "Why We Need Religion" and a certain sentence there struck me:

"...you rarely have to look far to be reminded of the indispensability of God and religion."

While columnists, newscasters, students and everyday citizens dramatically ponder and debate next steps, I've found myself disgusted over the various directions we've run to for solutions. As I overheard a pastor say yesterday, where's the person standing in front of the camera saying "let's pray, let's look to God"? Sadly, I've yet to hear any such remarks. Should I be surprised?

But going a step further, I can't help but wonder where was God in Cho's life? The recent release of Cho's writings make mention of Jesus Christ. What did that name mean to him? Tying back to the ariticle above, like it or not, we are all governed by the impression (both negative or positive) religion leaves in our lives. Yes, even atheists. So I'm curious to know... what impressions has "religion" left in your life?

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Matthew Schwartz

Your blog made me hearken back to a quote of Bono's (U2 lead singer) regarding the relationship of God and music:
"The music that really turns me on is either running toward God or away from God. Both recognize the pivot that God is at the center of the jaunt."
So too, I think God is at the center of this issue and the choice is to deny or accept Him as such. Unfortunately the media has not taken issue with what is truly news worthy.

Michael Snow

"... the indispensability of God and religion."

That brings an unsettling question to mind. Here in America, church attendance is around forty percent vs. single digit figures for our European neighbors. And figures for evangelical Christians on both sides of 'the pond' also have a large difference.

My Romanian wife asks the question: "Why does this happen only in America?"

Richard Angulo

Each morning I start my day with daily Bible readings, study of those readings mixed in with various audio and or video reflection on those readings, and prayer.

Here is my prayer from Monday April 23rd:

Dear Lord God, What is it that You want me to know; as You show (I see and notice Your hand in my life as things unfold or immediately after things happen I recognize Your will) and teach (In seeing and noticing, I then meditate on Your will for me and how I am to use this to fulfill Your purpose for me) me that You are walking with me, I look to Your Holy Spirit for guidance, knowledge and wisdom - that which will help me understand Your will, Your purpose. Therefore You know what I have been listening to (Gnostic Gospels, Lost Books of the Bible) and thinking about these things. So today's readings and Bible Study must have significance in that through Steven's brief preaching's and martyrdom You want me to learn and understand more about the early Church and it's Fathers'; about You as my God and me as a human being, prone to interpret and understand that which is easiest or safest, quick to judge and react with anger and even hate to that which threatens our thinking and beliefs. Today's video reflection puts it quit clearly in that it is horrifying if not at least troublesome to see how those early believers, people of faith would shed innocent blood over beliefs that they did not or could not understand and accept. O Lord God, why is it, how is it that so many have shed blood in Your name, what are You trying to teach me, show me now. Dear Lord God I wait on You, knowing that the answers lie within me, but are of You, not me. The truths about loving, knowing and serving and faith, hope and love; the reality that You are the One True God, but You are worshiped differently, Jesus is Your Holy Son and the way and the light, but the way is different for each of us and the that which is in the light is His and His alone to judge, the Holy Spirit is of You Lord God and is Given to us through Jesus Christ, but speaks to each of us according to Your will and purpose putting us in places and situations in which we must be willing to stand for what we believe, no matter what. Is this the meaning of St. Pio's statement; is it that Your greatest mercy is not to let us have peace with each other, until we each can be at peace with You. That peace which will come only through faith, hope and love, the love that makes us want to know You more and serve You better. O Lord God teach me Your ways, give me a discerning hear and eye so that I may righteously seek Your will and serve Your purpose. In Jesus' name I ask and pray, and wait upon You. Amen

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