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April 23, 2007

A great way to spend a year

I went to Fredericksburg, Va., Friday to give a talk on Christian worldview, and as is so often the case, ended up learning as much as I taught. I was speaking to the members of the "Year of Your Life" group at Grace Church of Fredericksburg, an intensive Christian discipleship program for young adults. The members of the program, under the guidance of George and Lynn Ainsworth, spend the length of a school year living, studying, and working together.

The students, ranging in age from late teens to late twenties, had come to this program from all over -- some from Virginia, others from as far away as Bosnia and South Africa. We had a long, in-depth discussion of all kinds of issues that they, their friends, and their families are dealing with in their own lives, and how the Christian worldview applies in those and all other areas of life. They're a great group and the Ainsworths are doing a great job with them in this first year of the program. To talk with a group of young adults so bright, engaged, and dedicated to their faith is enough to make even a cynic like me hopeful for our world's future. :-)

If you'd be interested in spending a year at Year of Your Life, or know someone else who would, you can visit their Web page to download their brochure and application form. Thanks to the Ainsworths and their students for giving me the chance to play a small role in this vibrant and important program.

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Jason Taylor

Going to Fredricksburg Va just to give a lecture? Seems odd. Must be weird to live in a State were every town is a battlefield.

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