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March 27, 2007

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater ... literally

When yesterday's BreakPoint commentary popped into my inbox, I first took note of the interesting topic: when babies are less than human. The commentary went on to discuss two stories that seemingly had nothing in common. But at the root they had everything in common: human rights. The right to have it all... "all" being relative.

This seems to be a common problem in the carnal world. Rights. (On a side note, you got to love the article here about the new drug, Havidol. I'll admit, I laughed out loud with this one.)

Abortion may be the most notable, controversial right of all, but I'm not here to discuss it. In my opinion, even if by a miracle we decided to abolish abortions of all kinds, it wouldn't solve the problem. As de Tocqueville noted in his writings, you can't change a nation (or the world for that matter) by changing the law... you change a nation by changing the mores (morals) of the people who compose it. So let's look first at some mores, shall we?

I think baby-drops would be a good place to start. Beware, if you are like me you'll soon find yourself sucked into reading every repulsive story on the page, disgusted by the utter insensitivity of it all. Perhaps I should rejoice that the government cares enough to provide a drop-box for your baby, but I would hate to see myself so calloused. What baffles me more is why mothers have so calloused themselves?

Perhaps the professor quoted within the article summed it up the best when describing some of the reasons behind the abundance of infanticide: some women have a greater fear of losing their partners than of losing their child. They take desperate measures to save a relationship.

A relationship. That's it? That's worth the life of a child? Boy, the tides have turned. It used to be we were desperate for a relationship in order to have children... now we desire relationships just for the relationships' sake, perish the life of a child. Now there's a thought to dwell on for the rest of your day.

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