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March 29, 2007

Sir Bono

Sirbono Okay, so I just read that they've made Bono a Knight. I'm not kidding. Unless the BBC has a new satire column I don't know about, this is legit.

Last week Kristine mentioned an article by Steve Beard on BreakPoint's website about Bono's faith. Well, we know that our faith is rewarded in Heaven; apparently sometimes it's rewarded here on earth too. And I must say knighthood seems like a pretty cool reward.

It reminds me of some words from my favorite candidate for '08 elections, who warned against being overly caught up in a desire for worldly esteem and praise. He does give some thoughts, however, on what we should do when we do receive praise. He says:

Holy Scripture warns us, then, against the inordinate desire or earnest pursuit of worldly estimation and honor. It teaches us that God calls Christians to renounce or forego these absolutely and voluntarily. But what about the case when others do bestow these honors on us for actions intrinsically good? When this happens, and we have not solicited them, Scripture teaches we are to accept them as given by Providence for a present comfort and a reward for virtue. Moreover, God instructs us that, in our general behavior and in the little particulars of our conduct, we should watch for opportunities of doing little kindnesses. ....

In the judgment of the true Christian, credit and reputation stand on ground not very different from riches. He should not prize them too highly or desire and pursue them with too much concern. However, when the hand of Providence gives them to him, he is to accept them with thankfulness and use them with moderation. He should be able to relinquish them, if it becomes necessary without murmur.

Well, Sir Bono, or should I say, Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of British Empire, thanks for the opportunity to ponder on how Christians should think about praise and honor.

By the way, I never would have guessed that Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Rudolf Giuliani, and Placido Domingo were other knights of the round table. Go figure. It would be cool to see them joust. Could somebody's publicity manager work on arranging that? But I digress...

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bono does not deserve the honor of knighthood there are those who should be reconize for what they do bono does not care about the people he is just rich sob.and a tax dodger.

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