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March 28, 2007

Sexuality in a void

Vigen Guroian, a Wilberforce Forum fellow and professor of theology and ethics at Loyola College, picks up the theme of purity on campus in an article first published in BreakPoint WorldView magazine:

Sex is deeply and seriously disordered at the basic level of college life. As one young Loyola College co-ed wrote, “Here we can do everything we were told at home was wrong, and no one really cares, and no one is responsible. It’s like we live in a glass bubble; only no one looks in.”

What goes on every day in co-ed dormitories and apartments is far more significant than what comes into public view. How colleges structure and arrange student life and the supervision, or lack thereof, that they give to our sons and daughters determines a lot about their behavior at college and the attitudes toward the opposite sex that they take with them into life.

Guroian is poignantly reminded of the moral and spiritual void in which so many students exist every time he meets a new class:

The wisdom of in loco parentis was that it is the college’s responsibility to ensure that our children are not “left alone.” In my classroom, I announce to my students: “You no doubt think of me as just another professor. But I think of you as my children.” I wish that you could see the surprise and also the sense of relief on their faces.

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Never trust even Christian colleges. I've seen professors give a wink and a nudge to the sexual antics going on in the dorms -no matter what rules are on the books.

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