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March 23, 2007

Re: If I Felt Better

Well, to complete the "Roberto has a cold" trilogy, I finally scored some pseudoephedrine. I had to go to Cotsco for some other stuff (for instance, Kraft cheese in the "David-sized" package: 4 pounds) and I was kind of hoping that for my trouble I would at least get a Costco-sized box of pseudoephedrine.

Now, handing over your driver's license and waiting while they run a check may not be a big deal to you but if you look like me -- a big Latin guy wearing shorts, high socks and a tee-shirt -- you wonder about the outcome of the transaction. What runs through my fevered imagination is straight out of the Mind of Mencia (proceed with caution on that link).

Clerk 1: Does he check out?
Clerk 2: So far, so good. But I don't know . . .
Clerk 1: I know what you mean. A beaner in shorts asking for pseudoephedrine . . .
Clerk 2: Exactly! His whole look screams "extra cholo."
Clerk 1: Yeah, like that fashion designer Sean Juan!
Clerk 2: Let's not take any chances. I'll call the DEA and you call immigration.

After all of this agony, I got the same-sized boxes you get at Target or Rite-Aid. Bummer. But the trip turned out okay. In addition to cheese and bread, I also got great deals on Acetone, Denatured Alcohol, Lye, Rat poison, Starting Fluid, Paint Thinner, Toluene, Xylene, Red Phosphorous, Lithium Metal, Drain cleaner, Iodine, Anhydrous Ammonia, Camp Stove Fuel, and Coffee Filters.

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Dennis Babish

Rat poison and dog food is found containing that.
Hmmm I don't know maybe those guys should have checked you out better. Maybe with Homeland Security. :)
Hope you cold gets better fast.

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