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March 30, 2007

Prayer for a partner

One of the issues that Prison Fellowship has long tried to highlight and address is prisoner re-entry. We've all heard the skepticism that surrounds "jailhouse religion," and part of that skepticism arises because the faith commitments that men and women make in the crisis of a prison term don't always hold up in the very tough reality of post-prison life.

If you've filled out a job application recently, you know that employers ask whether you've ever been convicted of a felony. For those who have to check that "yes" box, the search for employment can be frustrating, not to mention the search for housing, for a welcoming church, for law-abiding friends, and on and on. Thankfully, there has been some attention in recent years to the difficulties that ex-offenders face, partly because of our efforts to raise awareness for this issue.

Knowing the importance of aftercare, we are always glad to see employers who are willing to give ex-offenders a chance, and we are all the more glad when those employers are Christians who can also encourage ex-offenders in their Christian walk. One of these individuals is Scott Saunders of Just Foam, a southern California supplier of surf board cores. According to this article, "Saunders started Just Foam about two years ago to provide employment for former convicts and people in rehab programs."

This week, his factory went up in flames.  Amazingly, as the fire was razing his building, Saunders was doing a Bible study on God's faithfulness. He's planning to relocate and rebuild the business. I'm praying that his handling of this personal and professional crisis will be a strong witness to the ex-offenders he employs and the surfing community he serves. Will you join me in praying for this brother in Christ?

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