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March 27, 2007

Where are the witches?

Not to continue to rehash this topic, but I came across an op-ed today and enjoyed reading what this Reverend had to say. It was refreshing to read his Christian response, although brief. I had never equated the current issue of sex offenders with that of historical witch hunts. Do you think that connection is right on, or too extreme?

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Dennis Babish

I believe some witch hunting is going on today. There are websites you can go to determine if there are any sex offenders living near you and their address. Of course there is a cost to do this.
Some of this is needed because there are dangerous pedophiles out there. However my big problem is no identification as to why they are on that list.
There was a story several months ago about two teenagers being caught having sex and now both are considered sex offenders and their names are being added to the list.
Now while I don't condone what they did I don't view them as dangerous and need to be worried. Actually I don't believe they should even be on the list.
There was a show on TV Sunday night, called Cold Case, where a distraught father of a son killed by a pedophile was going around killing known pedophiles saying he was taking out the garbage. As they say life imitates art this could very well happen.
So while we need to know about those that pose a danger we also need to protect those that pose no threat whatsoever.

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