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March 22, 2007

Living the truth

In today's BreakPoint commentary, Mark Earley reports on a new book by James Sire, and why it has special relevance to the times we live in:

[Christian apologetics] means not just arguing the truth of the Christian faith, but living that truth every day. It means that instead of lashing out in response to attacks and insults, we bear them patiently and respond with Christ-like grace and love. Instead of going for the jugular in a conversation or debate with a nonbeliever, we listen and answer with respect. Instead of thinking we have all the answers, we are ready to be corrected and to learn.

When have we ever needed such an attitude more than we do right now?

Read more.

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I’m very glad to see Dr. Sire getting some visibility; his writings have been a blessing to me for years--“Habits of the Mind” is my personal favorite. He has a rare gift of having both a great mind and a great heart. Hank Hanegraaff interviewed Dr. Sire on his radio program in mid-February, which can be heard online in two parts:

Part 1

Part 2

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