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March 29, 2007

Gore’s Faith ... and Call

In response to yesterday's post about Al Gore, climate models and scientific evidence for Catastrophic Global Warming, reader Scooterwmn comments:

For the life of me I cannot understand anyone even listening to Al Gore. He lost me years ago when he claimed to have invented the internet. Anyone else remember this big LIE???

An implicit question in Scooter's comment is "Why are people listening to Al Gore?"

Actually, I heard one of Gore’s speeches a few weeks ago on NPR. I was struck by how compellingly, at least in this instance, he called for everyone to make real, meaningful changes in how they live their lives. Everyone! It was a global call to change how each of us lives, in no uncertain terms. 

And I thought: “See, this is precisely what we, The Church, don’t do well. We don’t say to everyone: 'You are part of a Huge Problem. And you need to change, big time, in order to solve it. You need to do something that you don’t want to do, or don’t think you want to do. But it’s critical that you do; you need to change. Everything depends upon it.'" But that’s pretty much precisely what Gore did, and did well. But that clarion call goes against the grain of the seeker church movement and much of the church marketing that has watered down the Gospel.

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Michael Snow

An ad on our public TV station made me gasp. It announced a new program saying,
"He's coming to save the world."

In dismay I thought it was a program with Al Gore. To my relief I learned they were talking of Dr. Who.

Bill Maynard

You are correct in that the church should heed the clarion call to change their behavior and I believe many in the body are doing just that with the help of the Holy Spirit and by His Grace.

Mr. Gore on the other hand calls for a change in lifestyles for everyone but himself. It's been reported that Mr. Gore uses several times the national average to provide energy for his homes than the average person. I know he can purchase offsets etc.

So, don't hold up Mr. Gore as an example to the church he is just what the church does not need. We need people in the church who Talk the talk and Walk the Walk not like Mr. Gore who is just talking the talk and asking the middle class to pay the price


I would hate to be seen as an Al Gore apologist, but hate even more to have his character (or anyone’s, for that matter) unfairly tarnished. According to the Tennessean newspaper, his monthly electric bill averages under $1200, but that isn’t the whole story. The Gores use Nashville Electric’s Green Power Switch (http://www.nespower.com/green_power_switch.aspx ) which is 56% more expensive than traditional electric power. They are paying $432 extra dollars per month for this option…hardly the definition of a hypocrite. Also, their electric bill covers two homes on the property: one guest house, and one 10,000 square foot main home. The main home includes two offices where the Gores conduct daily business. The amount of power used on their property is average for ‘like’ properties in the area. It sounds like ‘walking the walk’ to me. It’s too bad Christians fall for political spin.

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