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March 22, 2007

Faith of a rock star

Bononewsm You've seen him trotting around shopping for Red products with Oprah. You've heard about how the Pope wanted to wear his sunglasses. Now you can read about Bono's very real faith, a faith which he shares so openly and eloquently that he does the very best thing possible--makes non-believers wish for a God like the one he believes in.

Steve Beard has an article over at the BreakPoint web site, a review of French journalist Michka Assayas's Q & A style book of his conversations with the rock star activist, that is well worth the read. I was especially taken with Bono's parsing of karma and grace:

The thing that keeps me on my knees is the difference between Grace and Karma.

You see, at the center of all religions is the idea of Karma. You know, what you put out comes back to you: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, or in physics—in physical laws—every action is met by an equal or an opposite one. It’s clear to me that Karma is at the very heart of the Universe. I’m absolutely sure of it. And yet, along comes this idea called Grace to upend all that "As you reap, so will you sow" stuff. Grace defies reason and logic. Love interrupts, if you like, the consequences of your actions, which in my case is very good news indeed, because I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff. . . . I’d be in big trouble if Karma was going to finally be my judge. It doesn’t excuse my mistakes, but I’m holding out for Grace. I’m holding out that Jesus took my sins onto the Cross, because I know who I am, and I hope I don’t have to depend on my own religiosity.

(Photo courtesy of Thunderstruck)

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I recently came across Bono's acceptance speech for the NAACP Chairman's Award, and was impressed by his drive, his passion, and his willingness to speak freely.

Watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENp7c6TtBHk


Having never been learned (sorry, I'm from Idaho) in the ways of the blogger, I may seem a bit naive here. But hey, we're in America right?
One thing that saddens me is seeing conservatives lash out at their fellow people, liberal as they may be. Did not Jesus himself say to love thine enemies? Don't get me wrong, I frequently find myself struggling to suppress my anger after watching the news each night. But suppose for a second that maybe the problem in this nation, or world for that matter, is hatred, not people. I've always loved the saying, "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness." I think the individual christian could do this country a lot more good spending more time on his knees and less time grumbling about how bad we as a nation are.

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