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February 23, 2007

The Remains of Jesus Uncovered!

That’s right! At least according to award-winning filmmakers James Cameron and Simcha Jacobovici, whose documentary to that effect will be shown later this year on the Discovery Channel, among other places.

How did they come across such a sensational find? It all goes back to the 1980 discovery of a cave in a backwater neighborhood in Jerusalem in which six coffins were scribbled with the names: “Jesua son of Joseph, Mary, Mary, Matthew, Jofa (Joseph, identified as Jesus’ brother), Judah son of Jesua (Jesus’ son -- the filmmakers claim).” Then after DNA analysis and “close work with world-famous scientists,” Cameron and company concluded that the cave contained Jesus’ remains.

But there are several things quite odd about this. First off, the names Mary, Joseph and Jesus are some of the most common names in early Palestine. Second, although DNA could establish the relationships between the remains of those in the cave, it is incapable of singling out any one of them as being Jesus of Nazareth. Third, nothing is mentioned about crucifixion forensics. Fourth, Amos Kloner, the archaeologist who wrote the official report on the cave ten years ago, concluded that the "'possibility of it being Jesus' family [is] very close to zero.' Motti Neiger, spokesperson for the Israel Antiquities Authority, agreed 'that chances of these being the actual burials of the holy family are almost nil.'"

In fact, if this cave did contain the remains of Jesus it would be nigh impossible to verify 2000 years later. That said, in the days, weeks and months after Jesus’s death, it would have been certain--an important point to keep in mind.

Both the Jewish leadership and the Roman authorities were not only highly motivated to quash any resurrection ruse, but had the political muscle and wherewithal to extract confessions and find the body, if indeed it existed. That no body was ever found is reflected in the extra-biblical account by the Jewish historian, Josephus, in the late first century:

Now there was about this time Jesus… [the] Christ. And when Pilate, at the suggestion of the principal men amongst us, had condemned him to the cross, those that loved him at the first did not forsake him; for he appeared to them alive again the third day; as the divine prophets had foretold these and ten thousand other wonderful things concerning him. And the tribe of Christians, so named from him, are not extinct at this day. (Antiquities 18.3.3)

I’m sure that Cameron’s film will get its share of media attention—maybe enough to put Anna and Britney “beneath the fold.” All the same, this whole exercise—a filmmaker doing archaeology—reminds one of a certain politician doing climate science. But that’s a whole other story.

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Diane Singer


When I read the headlines on this a couple of hours ago, all I could do was roll my eyes. Wow, James Cameron is taking on Jesus Christ! Can we say, "Watch the King of Kings" sink "The king of the world"??!!


Haven't they heard and all Christians know this: The Tomb was empty. This is just another attempt by unbelievers to discredit the Christian belief.

prove it

So, we're going to discredit this just because it was created by hollywood. Yes, Hollywood tends to go against Christian values, I agree, but his argument is that statistics show the probablility that all these names together following the same lineage as documented in the bible seems a bit odd. I think the real question is whether or not such a claim makes any difference. If Christ did ascend physically to Heaven, then what else would the disciples do with his bones? Does it matter if he ascended physically or spiritually? I don't know. That's the real question, I think.

Kevin Roach

I agree, this is another attempt by unbelievers, Hollywood, and Satan himself to discredit the truth. I think those of us who know the truth should rejoice! It states in the Bible that when things such as this transpire our redemption draweth nigh!

Regis Nicoll

Dear "Prove it",

You say, "his argument is that statistics show the probablility that all these names together following the same lineage as documented in the bible seems a bit odd."

Well, as one of my colleagues remarked, “It’s like finding a cemetery plot in Great Britain 1000 years from now with tombs bearing the names of Philip, Elizabeth, Anne and Margaret, and concluding they contain the remains of the Royal Family.”

As to whether his resurrection was spiritual or physical, the overwhelming evidence from scripture and history is as reader "Eve" noted, "The tomb was empty."

ALL religions are MAN-MADE!!

It is a moot point if these are his bones or not. You don't need any external sources to discredit the bible (besides, Christians wouldn't believe them anyway). The bible discredits itself by being full of errors, flaws, and contradictions! Take one: according to the bible itself, is Jesus descended of the line of David, or is he virgin-born? Answer: he can't be BOTH or it's a contradiction. Look in the bible yourself if you don't believe me. Stop listening to the churches blow smoke up your hind parts and actually EXAMINE what it is they are asking you to believe...not just the nice parts (such as all those lovely promises you desperately cling to).


I beleive you will find that Mary and Joseph were both of the line of David...although several generations down on both sides. Also, if it was only Joseph...Jesus was his son by adoption, which by Jewish law makes him in the line of the family.



dear "all religions are man made" do you honestly think that we Christians, who consider all of this the very crux of our existence, havn't examined VERY CLOSELY all of these "contradictions" in the Bible? Jesus is said to be of the KINGLY line of David, being that He is the King of the Jews and therefore of that royal line, not necessarily by blood. Any well educated Christian or theologian could tell you that. Please don't insult us by insinuating that we don't care enough to do our research. All of these supposed "flaws" come from our inability to process information, translation details or important traditions in religion. SO yes, my friend, He can indeed be both in the royal line AND born of a virgin. If you don't understand, it's because you haven't educated yourself. Furthermore, MARY was also descended of that royal line. And yes, we will cling to these precious promises...for by them we are saved.


I admit, this story has thrown me for a loop. Someone talk to me about physical vs. spirtual ascension in light of scriptures. Don't they clearly point to an "empty" tomb? As in: no body in the tomb?


We surely are in the last days. I wonder what would be the response if they found Mohammed's remains. Christians are targeted because we turn the other cheek.


you know, I wonder if Jesus is laughing or crying? This world is a mess...so much so that, it could be considered funny...Its messed up that filmakers would go so far, as to lie, and just to make money! im ashamed for them....and embarresed. But, Ill be so happy when Jesus comes....then what can they do?

Rich burgroff

Maybe they did maybe they did not find the remains of Jesus. Of course the Christian are going to say that this could not be true, because it go's agents all they have been taught and its the work of the DEVIL! Jesus could come back tomorrow and they would probable think he was crazy and have him thrown in insane asylum. People should have a open mind about life's mysteries and the things that are found in a sleepy little town called Jerusalem.


rich...you say "of course" the Christians would say it isn't true; I say OF COURSE the atheistic negative scientists would say it is! They are just as biased as they all say we are. I've done a lot of research on this kinda stuff, and you will find probably 50 scientists who say they are real and 50 who say they are not. Because the truth is, scientists truly know very little. I ask what the odds are that, if they were real, they would just happen to be the 10 boxes to survive dozens of city-destroying wars and upheavals!! not to mention the fact that just a few centuries after jesus' existence, multiple groups of pretend Christians (gnostics, etc.) were trying to lead people astray and were providing fake icons ever since! People have been trying to destroy Jesus since He first lived. And to answer the other question, Jesus' resurrection HAD to be physical, because if it was not, then our resurrection is not physical. It was done to prove that Jesus had power over death, completely destroying it. If OUR bodies are to be resurrected, His body had to have been. He died and rose again so that we could die and rise again. You can find these answers in books like Romans, Hebrews, etc.


I've been reading the commentary discussion hoping to find something more that I could use when discussing this with non-believers, but it seems that most posts have been entirely faith-based. So, I figured I might as post some reasons for discounting this find that aren't solely based on what the Bible says, so people like Rich burgroff can't just say we all discount it out of hand as the work of the devil.

Now, when I first heard this, I admit I was kind of worried. It really is a shocking claim. The original entry's arguments against it helped somewhat, but I felt like I needed something more in order to stop caring about it. And the first thing I came up with was, "Jude was Jesus' brother, right?"

So that took me to Mark 6:3 - "Isn't this the carpenter? Isn't this Mary's son and the brother of James, Joseph[Joses], Judas and Simon? Aren't his sisters here with us?" And they took offense at him."

Now, several of those names appear in the tomb, but only one of them is in the right place - the name of Joseph/Joses. James and Simon aren't mentioned at all (and I can't see why they would leave such evidence out if they had it), while Judah/Judas is given as the name of a son. I'm not sure about how statistics work, but I imagine those discrepancies should make the find look much less statistically significant.

And why Matthew? It seems likely that they were trying to suggest that it was the apostle Matthew, but one of the articles said that all of the bones found were within one family. It would seem to be less evidence for the claim and more evidence to the contrary, in my opinion.

Another article said that part of the statistics process was to "divide by 1000 to account for all the tombs in first-century Jerusalem." Which raises two more questions - why would there be so few tombs, and why would Jesus' whole family have been buried in Jerusalem in the first place? There seems to be little basis for such a claim, and yet they seem to have used it as an assumption.

Now, I can understand how most Christians can find the untruth of this claim to be self-evident, but I imagine that some believers might be comforted by the idea that the science may easily fail on scientific grounds as well as religious ones, and that Christianity would look more appealing to non-believers if we showed them reasons why they should not believe this despite their lack of belief.


Reading the churches defence of their 'faith' I worry that so many so called Christians depend so much on the words of Saul of Tarsus, instead of those of the Christ himself. St Paul never met Jesus, never knew the things that he shared with the twelve apostles. He took the early church on an egotistical rollercoaster,building churches instead of feeding the hungry. Worshipping a Hebrew God who never asked for praise, instead of getting on with solving the problems that stared him in the face. If faced with the choice, do I believe these relics are those of Jesus & co, or would I prefer to believe that the man sauntered up a mountain and 'took off' into space? I am tempted to go with the former. Jesus told Peter he was the rock on which to build his church. So how come they built it on St Paul?
One of the few relevant things that man said was 'We must examine all things', that's what this film appears to be doing,so stop bouncing up and down you Christians, and listen to what you preach.Pontificating about uncertainties will only damage what Jesus started.

Regis Nicoll

Dear Jeff,

What version of the bible are getting your information from? The DIV (The Dawkins International Version)? So Paul “never met Jesus?” Then who was that he encountered on his road trip to Damascus?

The man you claim didn’t feed the hungry, is the same man who personally delivered gifts to the poor in Jerusalem and who answered the critics of his day with, “All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do.” By the way, he is also the same one who warned, “For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

As to the exhortation to “examine all things”—that is exactly the purpose of this blog entry. Instead of giving a pass to this latest “discovery,” it should be subjected to critical examination. Even the rigors of the scientific method demand such.

Laura Sherwood

You spit in the face of Christianity! You are contradicting everything we Christians stand for. I hope you can sleep at night. When I heard this story, I shook my head, and thought..."Hollywood is at it again!"...All you found was a tomb of some dead people's bones years ago. It is impossible to find Jesus and his family when Jesus is in Heaven as we speak!!!! An empty tomb...have you heard of that one? So NO BODY!!!! And get off of this Mary Magdeline story...for heaven's sake, that is ridiculous! He had NO wife, No child, None of this stuff you are trying to conjour up. He is our savior for the world. AND THAT's THE GOSPEL TRUTH!


I heard the hokum last night on the news, I wanted to stay awake to hear it but fell asleep..So early this morning I heard the SENSATIONALISM!!..wow Jesus's bones and family etc found...I watched with humour, my we are truly in end times, the Prince of the Air waves is at it again, trying so desperately to lead the already ignorant(those without knowledge of Christ) to a fate that they cannot ever possibly comprehend or cannot ever get out of. In the Book of Revelations John Speaks of the vision's he is given,the images of those who will carry the mark of the beast, of those who will continue in the their idolatry, harlotry etc. my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ it is not for us to spend time in meaningless debate with the world of the legitamcy of Jesus or of God. We who have encountered our Lord and Saviour know that He IS. THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. For those of us who's spirit he has touched, we know who he is, we do Not have to Justify him, he will Justify himself, we who love the lord and who came to the lord came for purpose, for betterment and to serve, What this type of Worldy view shows us is that we have little time left, we must prepare for the task at hand and begin our duty of saving souls for Jesus,We are no longer of the World, we Just live in it. Remember What Jesus said, by My voice my Sheep Know me...Brothers and Sisters Let not the Enemy decieve or distract you with this nonsense, Focus.
In Him

Peter Pike

I think we should look on the bright side. If *THIS* is the best that naysayers can bring up, what does Christianity have to fear?

Those who wish to disbelieve no matter what the intellectual cost will grasp at this straw. All it shall accomplish is further proof of Scripture: "The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God'" (Psalm 14:1).

On the other hand, I wonder if perhaps Christians will hyperfocus on this issue when there are really much better issues to deal with--issues that will impact far more people in a far more weighty matter. But I suppose we must wait for history to determine that :-)


Remember Satan is the master of confusion. Do not let his tricks fool you. For Christ is risen indeed.


I am amazed at all the fuss. Christ's legacy stands - He was who he said he was - the son of God and in fact God himself.

Some facts to consider:

The religious authorities at the time were actively trying to stomp out Christianity's spread amoung the Jews (Paul was one of those actively engaged in this process before he met Christ). James, Jesus' brother was condemned to death for his faith in Christ by this religeous authority sometime in the 60's I think (Josephus a non-Christian reports this in his histories - not the Bible).

Given the persecution,do you even for a moment think that Jesus could be living in Jerusalem and be buried there without the Jews bringing up this point to discredit the Church? If he had been buried in Jerusalem, they would have made a HUGE mention of this, and would be pointing it out today. The fact is there was no Jesus' tomb (other than the one the Bible already mentions).

Also, don't you think that since Jesus was saviour to many in Jerusalem that some of his disciples would name their children after Him, His apostles, and His brothers who were also followers?

That likelyhood increases the odds of finding all of these names in one tomb. Actually it probably makes it almost statistically impossible not to find at least one tomb in Jerusalem with allof these names in it.


Why does everyone try to disprove Christianity?:

"If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you." John 15:18-19


"I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." Psalms 27:13-14

Regis Nicoll

As several commenters have noted, recent years have seen attacks on Christianity reach epic levels. It reminds me of good ol’ Sigmund Freud who, as a young man and throughout his life, insisted that God was a “childish fantasy” or wish fulfillment, and who yet could never seem leave the subject of God alone, so much so that the “transcendent interferer” was central in Freud’s last book, “Moses and Monotheism.” As with Freud, one senses palpable desperation in those unwilling to yield to what they “can’t not know.”

David Cervera

Well, that's it guys. Time to hang it up. We had a good run, 2000 years, I think we can be proud of that. But along comes James Cameron, and blows the lid off the whole thing. So call up your pastor, your priest, call up the Pope and Billy Graham, tell them the gig is up. Oh well.

But seriously, I think I sprained my optic nerve from rolling my eyes at this story. Even James Cameron had to admit when pressed that the odds are greatly against these remains being the Jesus of the Bible.

Scott Vesper

I too, like many others, rolled my eyes and said, "Here's another feable attempt by the enemy to try and discredit our Lord and Savior." But sometimes I think, 'enough is enough'; why don't we take a stand and make it clear that we won't tolerate individuals, staking unsubtantiated claims, trying to denounce our belief, or any belief for that matter. When did Cameron become a historian/archeologist? Perhaps we should write those who plan to sponser this upcoming show, boycotting their products, to send a clear cut message saying, 'We won't remain silent any longer!'

Perhaps we should speak up and stop passivley watching the enemy take another cheap shot at our Savior?

Leslie Benjamin

I'm not worried, nor is my faith shaken. But I did read all sides first, and did not come to my conclusion based on amy one man's testimony. Even as a Christian minister, I must admit that one thing that most influenced my ultimate response, was the opinion of the archeaologist who made an official report on this ten years ago....that's quite a while ago. Why all the stir now? Because it's good media, that's all.

Richard Houser

Does the author realize there are no and can be no remains of Jesus.. He rose from the dead and appeared to many...


"But there are several things quite odd about this. First off, the names Mary (Miriam), Joseph (Yosef) and Jesus (Yeshua) are some of the most common names in early Palestine."

I would just like to clarify the point that the region we know as Palestine did not exist until after the second Jewish revolt in 132-135 C.E.

Some people may not see it as important, but calling it Palestine only reinforces the idea that the land doesn't belong to the Jews, but to the Arab Muslims.


The world is afraid of the unknown, a reason why the Christian resurrection of the Saviour is closely scrutinized by SOME archaeologists who claim by natural laws that the story is plain "impossible."

However, what they don't know is the nature of the being who actually created those rules.

But seriously, if Jesus had really not risen from the dead and showed himself infront of his apostles, than why did eleven of the apostles die a martyr's death?

Keep in mind, that these men had abandoned Jesus on the cross.


so i had never really heard of this until i had found this blog so i dont really know alot. but its noted in the blog that the names of Jesus, mary, mary etc etc were found on the tombs. my question is. were they found in english or aramaic (sp?) b/c that right there would certainly disprove everything. Jesus obviously didn't speak english. agian just the first thought that came to my head. i dont really know much on the subject and i'm kinda shocked i haven't heard anything about this yet in my area...


My first reaction was to be outraged. But then I thought, why? It would be a hollow faith indeed if it could be so easily swayed by the dubious findings of a man who, I feel sure, is far more interested in getting attention for his documentary and making a buck than he is in the truth. Secondly, it doesn't really matter what "evidence" is presented. I don't care what the findings are...I believe and trust in the word of God, and I KNOW that Jesus is my saviour. What they never ask themselves is this: If Christianity is a great fraud, why were Christ's closest disciples willing to die for their belief? If he had not risen, the disciples themselves would have felt their trust in Jesus was misplaced. I doubt very much if they would have died to perpetuate a hoax.

p.s. what matters is not so much how Jesus ascended, but that He is coming again!

Norma Wallace

As Christians we should not let the enemy confuse us with these scare tactics and I don't think we should be afraid of scientific investigation either. If these findings are legitimate, there could be reasonable explanations. One such explanation could be as follows. Jesus Christ and his family would have been very well known throughout the country. Followers of Jesus hold him in high esteem. Picture this scenario. A certain Joseph marries a certain Mary, both common names during that time. They say to each other, "Our names are the same as Jesus parents! Let us name our children after His family also. And so as the children come along they are named after this esteemed family! Possible?


I started out being mad, but I got on the internet and started reading about the media response and I kept reading "Jesus" "Resurrection""Christianity". I began to laugh because I know how powerful the name JESUS is. For what satan wants to use to hurt us God can use for His Glory. Let us all join together and pray that at the sight and sound of the word Jesus a multitude will come to know Him. Let's stand strong and laugh in the face of evil!!

David Cervera

The whole tomb story I think will ultimately be much ado about nothing, but the thing that concerns me through all this is that there seems to be an underlying assumption - almost an accepted fact - that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married. This has never - NEVER - been proven. The very idea doesn't even appear until centuries after Christianity's genesis.

The idea that Jesus could have this very public ministry, stir up all of Jerusalem, and then slip off to a quiet life in the suburbs - the suburbs of Jerusalem no less - at the same time a religion is growing based on his teachings and holding as its central tenet that he was crucified, died, and came back from the dead is ridiculous to the extreme.

Regis Nicoll

David, as you say, this whole episode is "ridiuclous to the extreme." Based on readers' comments here and elsewhere, it seems that some folks were initially taken aback. Thankfully, the blogs quickly critiqued this uncritical attempt of sensationalism for the farce that it is. Hopefully, by the time the documentary is shown, it will be so discredited that Cameron and Co. will be forced into hiding until public memory fades--usually about 10 nanoseconds. At any rate, I think he's a shoo-in for the Geraldo Rivera Bathtub Gin award. We'll see.

Carol Ann

"Well, that's it guys. Time to hang it up. We had a good run, 2000 years, I think we can be proud of that. But along comes James Cameron, and blows the lid off the whole thing. So call up your pastor, your priest, call up the Pope and Billy Graham, tell them the gig is up. Oh well."

(and we would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling movie directors!)

Niral Russell Burnett

They used a box found in 2003, that was said to be owned by James, the brother of Jesus. CNN reports that this box was a fake, and their sources are certain of it. They say that the inscription was a fake, and they are sure of it.


Hmm...fake inscription. I wonder if that was done more than once.


hey guys, just to let you know I've been doing some research and i found a really good article at a magazine called "Y-Jesus" It has a very legitimate archeological authority that says that he's pretty sure, after examining it, that the name on the "Jesus" box is actually "Hunan son of Joseph" so don't let the idiots tell you that "the experts" all agree. Ancient Hebrew and Aramaic script are notoriously hard to read... also, it is untrue that ossuary boxes were only used during the Herodian period. They were used for centuries after. If you consider that and the fact that Mary Magdelene didn't acquire her "Mary e Amene" name until hundreds of years after her death from the Gnostics, his could EASILY be a set of forgeries done in the 300-400 to confuse Christians of the time. Religious fakes were created all the time in that era. Also, what are the odds that these specific 10 boxes, after thousands of years, dozens of wars and upheavals and reconstruction, just happen to be some of the few that survive? Also, if the disciples were so adamantly preaching Christ's resurrection, WHY in the world would they EVER place an ossuary box in a tomb (which they probably couldn't afford anyway, and would have been in Nazereth)out in a tomb for all naysayers to see??? Doesn't make sense!!

Rev Duane Conrad

This is about as disrespectful and blasphemous as anything I have heard. Jesus rose from the grave 3 days after his burial and ascended into heaven where he is seated at the right hand of God the Father. To say that these are the bones of Jesus is to deny his resurrection in which the Holy Ghost quicked his body for him to do so therefore that is speaking against the Holy Ghost which is the one and only unforgiveable sin. Just as the Pharasees blasphemed the Holy Ghost by saying Jesus cast out demons through satan therefore sealing their fate you filmmakers are on the same ground

Wayne Savant

Jesus' real name was not Jesua. It was Joshua or Yashua. Early english translators changed it to distiguish him from those related to him. They are trying to take away from his resurrection by trying to prove it didn't happen.


Dear oh dear...U think all this Jesus and the bible is a big story...U think that James has brought u the truth?
Then let me tell u the truth...
I was upside down in my mothers womb...The doctors predicted that i would either be born with a handicap or i won't have proper mental growth...Today after 18 years of existence,i am as healthy as anyone else and i am my class topper...
If u don't believe in all the Biblical evidence,then take my Life as ur evidence.....This said i am sinner,yet God has taken care of me..So get ur BRAIN to work on this....

Gina Dalfonzo

Just a reminder to everyone that our comment policy specifies no bashing. That means no bashing of ANYONE, including and especially those who do not share your beliefs. Several comments here either come close to crossing that line, or actually do cross it. Please make your point in a civil manner, without name-calling or insults, or your comment will be deleted. Thank you.


And we shall call him "Emanual" which means god with us!
Jesus Christ (annointed one/saviour) was a title, not a name. To have used that name during his life would have been a death sentance, which it eventually was:"Are you the Christ,the King of the Jews?..It is as you say" Remember.
so wouldnt his burial box have had his NAME on it, not a title??

Brooke Willson

Your very cogent commentary on faux archaeology is spoiled by your cheap shot at Al Gore at the end. Whatever you thought of Mr. Gore's politics in his previous life, "An Inconvenient Truth" calls attention to a virtual consensus of peer-reviewed scientific analysis of global climate change. Mr. Gore, who has long been passionate about this issue, is using his fame to draw attention to this matter. That is completely different than a movie director doctoring evidence to discredit a central belief of religious faith.


Jesus is alive and dwells amongst us in Word and Spirit.His bones is not like that of any man made prophet still buried in a grave .

Regis Nicoll

Brooke--Like I said, that’s a whole other story. SO I’ll post a separate blog entry in a couple of days. Until then you might want to check out the over two dozen “inconvenient truths” about Mr. Gore’s film at: http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=YmFiZDAyMWFhMGIxNTgwNGIyMjVkZjQ4OGFiZjFlNjc=

Terry Burton

I too rolled my eyes back when I first heard this news story. While it is faith that tells me that the Bible is the inerrant word of God, more and more physical evidence has been discovered thru time to back up the fact that the Bible is historical and not fantasy. Yes, Jesus rose from the grave and no bones would be left. While the disciples would have lied to perpetuate a sham, they would not have died for it.

I do beleive we are in the end times and Satan, as predicted, will try harder and harder to win away from God as many as he can.


THIS IS NOT NEWS ANYMORE! We know that defending our faith will not be so easy. Time and time again, there were people who will challenged our faith via history, sciences or whatever they can find to discredit us as the "by and by...pie in the sky" people. But as i continue to ponder: isn't this issue a wake-up call for us? Do this issue somewhat bother you? Maybe we have to check our faith. Hebrews 12:26-27-"I will once more shook not only the earth..". The words "once more" plainly show that the created things will be shaken and removed, so that the things that cannot be shaken will remain. Is our faith still shaken in these kind of issues?

Sometimes, we entertain logical thinking aka doubts to play in our mind...well, after all rationalizing is a gift to human mind. But in this issue do we really have to pay attention to Cameron et al? 1 John 5:9-We believe man's testimony; BUT GOD'S TESTIMONY IS MUCH STRONGER, and He has given us this testimony about His Son. So whoever believes in the Son of God has this testimony in his own heart...V.11-The testimony is this:God has given us eternal life, and this life has its source in His Son.

Will we still be bothered even of the issues to come? Que se hoda! As Apostle Paul said: "We must fight a good fight of faith!". v.4-because every child of God is able to defeat the world. And we win the victory over the world by means of our faith. v.5-Who can defeat the world? Only the person who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.
And we rejoice because,1 John 5:19-We know that we belong to God even though the whole world is under the rule of the evil one. AMEN.


I only read a few comments; however, it seemed that in discussing the Line of David folks usually considered Joseph.
Someone mentioned that he was Jesus adopted father. Christians believe Jesus is the son of God. It is the mother that would determine that Jesus was a Jew and Mary was from the Line of David.

Jay Sherren

The following is an excerpt from a New York Times article published on February 27, 2007:

'...the documentary’s director and its driving force, Simcha Jacobovici, an Israeli-born Canadian, said there was enough mitochondrial DNA for a laboratory in Ontario to conclude that the bodies in the “Jesus” and “Mary Magdalene” ossuaries were not related on their mothers’ side. From this, Mr. Jacobovici deduced that they were a couple, because otherwise they would not have been buried together in a family tomb.
In an interview, Mr. Jacobovici was asked why the filmmakers did not conduct DNA testing on the other ossuaries to determine whether the one inscribed “Judah, son of Jesus” was genetically related to either the Jesus or Mary Magdalene boxes; or whether the Jesus remains were actually the offspring of Mary.
“We’re not scientists. At the end of the day we can’t wait till every ossuary is tested for DNA,” he said. “We took the story that far. At some point you have to say, ‘I’ve done my job as a journalist.’ ”

Indeed, his JOB as journalist has been acheived. That is to present such facts as to create conflict and controversy, which in turn sells product. Plain and simple. The fact that they stopped short of performing the DNA tests that would truly solidify the 'Jesus had offspring' argument presents itself as proof, to me at least, that the researchers have no confidence in their own claims. Sure, someone will perform these tests, and it will be a back-page story someday, that this tomb had no real connection to Jesus Christ. But that will be AFTER the profits are counted. Unfortunately, these profits will be measured in both dollars and units of lost faith.

The Anti-Christ Squad strikes again! Goooooooo, ANTI-CHRIST SQUAD! Cha-Ching$

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