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February 26, 2007

Somebody needs a spanking

Annoyance shot through my mind as I read about this proposed ban on spanking in California. In all honesty, all I see is someone taking a fairly legitimate question -- "What is “reasonable” spanking as opposed to “unreasonable” hitting -- and attempting to apply the standard one-size-fits-all approach: Let's pass a bill.

First let me begin by saying this: I am a result of the "spanking" generation. While those children of the '60s grew up living the Spock mentality (yeah, big winner there), I grew up in the '80s with a set of parents who most certainly did not "spare the rod." And guess what!? I'm alive, and well! Go figure.

Now, I in no way mean to diminsh the concern there is for children who truly are in abusive situations. But come on, people, it's easy to recognize a parent that is in control (spanking responsibly and purposely) and one that's not (abuse). So here's what I want to know, is the real problem people have with spanking about the fine line between reasonable punishment and abuse?

Did I mention that along with being spanked I was home-educated? Gasp. Horror. Along the lines of the spanking controversy, this article I found more amusing than annoying. Now here's a thought: do I dare make the argument that home-educated children are less likely to be spanked because they are more well behaved? And why are they more well behaved? Because they've been spanked. Oh boy.

I do have one thing to say, the future looks like it's going to be an interesting battle for us future parents out there who desire freedom from the state in how we raise our kids.

Anyway, I'd be interested in knowing your thoughts on this. What are the parents of the future supposed to do with a governement that won't allow them to responsibly discipline their children? Let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater here.

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Amrita Asher

This is interesting. When it comes to abortion, some people want the Government to leave the woman who carries the child alone and allow her to take her to have her 'choice'.

But the same people want government to interfere if a mother, who has carried her baby for 280 days, wants to discipline her/him.

New person

i agree! i was homeschooled AND spanked am and alive! And spanking is NOT abuse. I am GLAD I was spanked! I learned how to behave! in short, i agree entirely.


Social services is already out of control. No agency holds it accountable and there is no appeal for parents who are falsely accused of abuse and have their children wrongfully removed from the home and subjected to the harsh environment of foster care.

The *last* thing we need is one more law making the line between proper discipline and abuse even fuzzier for overzealous social workers who will not be governed by the fourth amendment.

I hope this goes down in flames. There are already laws in effect criminalizing real abuse and it is not necessary. This is just an attempt by some pedantic busybody with mushy relativistic views to impose their disdain of spanking on everyone else in CA.


I believe the bill specifies that parents would be prohibited from spanking children who are under the age of 3. This basically means babies. Anyone who has knowledge of child development would understand that an infant or toddler, in relation to their level of cognitive and emotional development, does not in any way benefit from a spanking or the threat of a spanking. In many children under three, they cannot even make the connection between their own action and the consequence and so, to purposely inflict pain on such a small child is not only completely inappropriate, but cruel.


I completely agree...I think it is ridiculous that the government feels the need to tell parents how to discipline their children. Don't get me wrong...I wouldn't classify myself as pro-spanking, but I also don't think an occasional spank on the bottom is the same as child abuse. I also think this would lead into treacherous territory...what would they tell us we couldn't do next? No grounding or timeouts or discipline altogether? I just think this piece of legislation goes too far and opens the door for even more troublesome legislation. There is actually a really interesting debate about spanking at www.opposingviews.com/questions/is-spanking-an-acceptable-form-of-discipline. Experts from both sides make some valid points...a really thought-provoking read on the topic!

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