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February 25, 2007

Something to think about during the season of glitz

Academyaward If you're planning to watch the Oscars tonight -- and let's face it, lots of us enjoy a little glitz now and then. I confess to an unregenerate and unwholesome longing to see Jennifer Hudson get on that stage and give Simon Cowell a verbal poke in the eye, myself -- I recommend first reading this caustic but profoundly truthful little piece. All of us, celebrities and plain Janes alike, could do with a reminder of just how ephemeral even the greatest fame can be, and how today's Z-lister may be tomorrow's A-lister -- or vice versa.

Maybe, if you're Oscar frontrunner Forest Whitaker, you "trained in opera at the University of Southern California" and "six years later won best actor at Cannes." None of that will ever erase the fact that you "starred in 'Battlefield Earth.'" BATTLEFIELD EARTH. Ouch.

Depending on how you look at it, the fact that an actor can go so quickly from Maniac Cop 3 to an Oscar-nominated turn in Little Children, or from Dreamgirls to Norbit, is either depressing or comforting. Personally, I'm inclined toward the latter. The media and the general public can both be pretty vicious today to the person they were fawning on yesterday, or will be fawning on tomorrow. What better reminder could we have that "every man at his best state is but vapor . . . surely they busy themselves in vain"? And what better safeguard than that could we Christians have against pride, envy, and the kind of schadenfreude that the rest of the culture delights in?

If nothing else, it might help us remember that the celebrities we get so sick of, often justly, are just another group of fellow human beings made in the image and likeness of the Creator and in need of a Savior. Even Simon Cowell. 

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I am really glad you posted this helpful reminder. It humanizes the "celebs" and points to the ultimate reality. Good job.

... and

I am SO happy Hudson won.

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