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February 23, 2007

So how IS that Wilberforce movie, anyway?

Amazinggrace "I never listen to critics" is a common refrain these days, and not entirely without reason. But for those who do want to know what kind of reaction the film we've been promoting all week is getting from the reviewers, Rotten Tomatoes -- a site that collects reviews from all over the country -- ranks Amazing Grace at 61 percent positive so far, enough for a good rating of "fresh" (according to RT's admittedly whimsical way of putting these things). Go here to look over the collection of reviews, and note that the rating is subject to change as more are collected. And if you see the film this weekend, come back here and give us your own mini-review in the comments section; we'd love to know what you think.

(Note: As always with sites containing lots of links, photos, and so forth, we can't vouch for the content of Rotten Tomatoes or any of the publications to which it links; visit at your own risk.)

Also today, Chuck Colson concludes his weeklong series on Wilberforce and the movie with a BreakPoint commentary titled "Go On in the Name of God." That, we can vouch for.

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Diane Singer

I went with some friends to see the film yesterday, and we agreed that it is excellent. The audience at the noon matinee was small, but everyone applauded when it ended.

I have a couple of minor quibbles, however. I thought the filmmakers put too much emphasis on the physical difficulties William experienced (accurate though that may be), and they could have done a bit more to show his spiritual motivation.

All in all, I'd give the movie 4.75 stars! It's well worth seeing.

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