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February 28, 2007

Slavery and abortion: A natural comparison or not?

I've known pro-choicers to get huffy when the similarities between abortion and slavery -- obvious similarities, to my mind -- are brought up. But this is the first time I've ever seen such a reaction from pro-lifers. (Scroll down to Tomi's and Lauren's comments.)

What do you think? Is the comparison out of bounds? Why or why not?

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Lawrence Bogner

I remember one of the legitimizing arguements for both slavery and abortion is the lack of 'personhood' for those most intimately involved with both. Lincoln got into a little arguement with Senator Douglas over 'free choice'. As I recall, Lincoln responded to the Senator's suggestion of personal choice by pointing out that the person most profoundly affected by slavery had no choice in the matter. Abortion is exactly analogous. The person most affected has no choice. This is why the 'personhood' of the baby must be challenged--head, eyes, ten fingers, ten toes, 46 chromasomes, the whole schmere, notwithstanding. Even if the baby manages to avoid the butcher shop for nine months, the personal convenience crowd will still not give up. They are still unsatiated. The infant's brain can still be sucked out by these who know no limit in the depths to which they will go for money.

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