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February 23, 2007

Re: Practical Justice

I'm glad you mentioned Acting for Women in Distressing Situations, Catherine; they appear to be an effective and worthy organization. I blogged a little bit about them here, though I failed then to mention the organization by name.

One other point I'd like to make: Don't forget how our man of the hour effected almost unbelievable change in his society -- through politics. Yes, that same dirty business that has so many people disenchanted these days. We tend to lose heart and drop out of that soul-numbing field when things get too tough, and decide that all we can do is try to change the culture. Of course that's important -- vitally important -- but let's keep in mind that if William Wilberforce had stuck to changing the culture only, slavery might never have ended in Britain.

Chuck Colson brings up the need to participate in politics in an NRO symposium today:

I first learned about Wilberforce after prison, through a book called God’s Politician, by Garth Lean. I was deeply inspired. Four years in the White House, and then Watergate as well, had left me disillusioned about government’s ability to change society. Wilberforce restored my hope with a model of how Christians can, and should, work in the political realm to fight against great social evils—even if now, as in Wilberforce’s day, cultural elites argue that Christians should stay in their pews and not “impose their morality.”

But Chuck then goes on to talk about how we cannot hope to make such great changes without also changing the culture. So the two -- culture and politics -- have to go hand in hand.

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