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February 20, 2007

Re: Blame the Care Bears!

Gina -- it is quite apparent that any semblance of common sense is missing from these debates, particularly when they take place among the same social change agents that are being critiqued. Do we really need studies and polls to convince us that the culture is drenched in sensuality -- or that it is producing sensualized young people? Must we really rely on the consideration of "experts" to tell us that this is a bad thing?

And in truth, the danger here is not to the body but to the soul. Obsessing over the former will inevitably stunt the growth of the latter. This does, of course, presuppose some sort of spiritual foundation to begin with, which is perhaps where the battle is really being lost. Still, young kids may not be expected to understand the influence of their clothing and entertainment choices, but their parents certainly should.

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