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February 27, 2007

Phat U.K. Battles Fat

I'm not one to pay much attention to the latest "reports" in the food world, but I couldn't help but ponder two unrelated but very similar topics in recent news.

It all began yesterday when I stumbled across the detailed life of Connor McCreaddie, an overweight eight year old in the U.K. Connor currently weighs in at 218 lbs. Yes, 2-1-8. But what sparked my attention most was not the weight, but the mother's response to officials when challenged about her care of her son: "he steals and hides food, frustrating [my] efforts to help him."

Then this story surfaced this morning.  Now, most of you know from my previous rantings that I greatly dislike a government that tries to micro-manage citizen's lives. This is no exception. His quote -- "Have you tried getting [McDonalds] banned? That’s the key" -- says it all. No, Prince Charles, that's not the key. Leave it alone.

If McDonald's is still in business, then it is the sole result of a customer base. If people don't care about the food they eat, than that's their problem. Of course, if the root of the issue is that the state ends up forking out the impending medical costs, then I suggest we start finding a solution there.

So after hearing all of this, what do you think?

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There are all kinds of reasons for obesity. To my knowledge, in this case, the government is merely assuming parental over-feeding.

Tony Blair is coming towards the end of his administration, and he is doing seemingly strange things, like forcing the Church of England, the evangelicals and the Catholics to adopt to homosexuals or adopt to no-one, cameras all over the place, and now this sort of thing.

Europe is not America. Our ancestors left there for a reason - to get away from governmental tyranny. We tended to forget that during the Cold War, because they were our allies, but now that that is over, the religious persecution and surveillance society in Oceana///Britain, the religious persecution in France, and the religious and cultural persecution in Germany, using laws from the National Socialist administration in the late 30s, is coming back to the fore.

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