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February 28, 2007

Is James Cameron Fulfilling Prophecy?

While discussing the latest archaeological find, I mused aloud to my wife:

“Hon, I was just thinking...

"The Gnostics pointed to the ‘mystical’ Jesus,

"Arius pointed to the ‘created’ Jesus,

"Mohammed pointed to the ‘prophet’ Jesus,

"Higher criticism pointed to the ‘historical’ Jesus,

"Liberal theology pointed to the ‘life-model’ Jesus,

"Postmodernism points to the ‘experiential’ Jesus,

"Dan Brown pointed to the ‘mythical’ Jesus,

"Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori points to ‘mother’ Jesus,

"And now, James Cameron is pointing to the ‘entombed’ Jesus. ... That seems like an exploding trend in Jesuses, huh?"

To which my ever brilliant and lovely wife replied, "I wonder if that's what Jesus meant when he said, in latter times many will come saying ‘Look, here is the Christ!’"

"Hon, I think you’re on to something!"

(For a scholarly critique of the "Jesus Tomb," check out Dr. Ben Witherington’s analysis here.)

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David Cervera

Speaking of Ben Witherington, he was on a local talk show here in Denver yesterday and mentioned that he's in talks with the Discovery Channel to be on an open discussion panel immediately following the James Cameron documentary.

K. Ed Harville

I really get excited each and every day that I get out of bed, because we get to see prophecy fulfilled each day in our lives in the news and in our personal lives it's everywhere. I beleive you are totally right. What better time is there for us to live when there is so much work to be done.
Love in Christ


I totally agree with Kim that we are livig in the last days, but definitely in times that are fulfilling the prophecies written in His word. When historical accounts parallel the biblical accounts that should make some people look a little more closely at those who would do their level best to discredit our Lord, His life, death, and resurrecrtion.

JoAnne Harrison

I believe that we are indeed seeing Prophecy fulfilled in our lifetime! Jesus told us what to be watching for in the latter times.

He told us to not be afraid, but to be alert! I think that we have seen nothing yet, as to what is coming on the horizon!

I pray and thank God that HIS Word endures forever!

For His Glory!

Patricia Anderson

I have been sending my unsaved relatives these commentaries. I explained the parallel to the book of "Revelations" and the movie "Left Behind" with Cameron's documentary. I also told him that after Christ died they admitted they were wrong and said, "He is truly the Son of God".

Deborah Wilborn

While I think you are incorrect to include postmodernism in this list, as it has some validity in today's church (although some have gone too far with it), you are on the right track. False Christs are showing up everywhere - they just don't have physical form yet.

Vince Yeoh

It doesn't matter what is being said or discovered by whom. To true Christians, Jesus is the Son of God who died on the cross and rose again on the third day. It is when faith is being questioned that that faith becomes stronger. That is what faith is about - to believe contrary to what seems to be proven otherwise. And we will be justified in the end, when it really matters.

J. David Wright

Many will come saying, Lo here is Christ...but as the lightning shines from the east to the west, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be...

There will be no shortage of dubious science or theology to add to the apostacy of our day. Many faked osuaries have made their 15 minutes of fame in Israel. No one can explain why all the Apostles would have willingly died as martyrs, if they knew the resurrection and ascension were a hoax.

Damian Masters

i think that is just what it means many will come in my name (Jesus) but it is a false christ. and if it be a false christ than it would be the opposite of christ. Now let's take it further and apply, anti-christ. anything that is opposite would be anti-christ. the anti-christ is a mind set not a person. and if that is the case then it is with us now.so search the scriptures to see that they be true. don't take anyone's word, ask Jesus to show you the truth. remember the aposles did't have college degrees the holy spirit taught them.


my only comment is this tomb is a false truth it was actually discovered in the 80s and the historians said that in that time those names were very common and remember Christ said that he would rise from the dead and he did over 500 people saw him after his resurection and several saw him assend to heaven and remember thats where our faith comes form dont lose hope for in this world you will experiance troubles and trials of every kind but he goes with you through them all

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