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February 22, 2007

Humming the Same Tune

Zachhunter I think Zach and I are humming the same tune. Join us?

Will you Be the Change?

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Yes, Catherine, I too have been seized by a passion about this for the past several days, but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find an outlet for this passion. Sure, I can donate to something, but I want to be hands-on involved. I see there's a petition to sign so I sign, but then see that they only have less that 50,000 so far and want to get 390,000 in a the next few weeks -- a daunting task at best. Certainly not impossible, but much more than a web campaign is needed for those kind of numbers. I start thinking about printing out pages, setting up a table at church, making announcements, going door to door with whomever else I can recruit to help, sitting outside of the supermarket...but then I have to ask what the point is. I don't mean freeing slaves; that point is quite clear. But what's the specific point of the petition exercise? So we can all tell Congress that we don't like something that's largely (granted, not entirely) going on elsewhere in the world? What will that accomplish? Ditto the idea of creating our own Clapham Circles (another idea on the Amazing Change site) -- what's the point? So we can sit around and talk about how rotten the world is? Again, what will that accomplish?

The last thing I want is to be the "wet blanket" that Zach sees in adults. Rather, I feel the need to push back a little with a challenge that we need to think more concretely. I'm all about getting people fired up and mobilized, as long as there's something to do, some purpose for which they are to mobilize. Am I making any sense?

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