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February 27, 2007

Closing the Gap

At The Plank, Jonathan Chait has a truly brilliant idea:

Barack Obama needs to make his campaign song this.

The logic is irresistible. The chorus, which is repeated approximately seven thousand times, sounds like his name--"Baby, you dropped Obama on me." If you hear the song, it makes you think of Obama, over and over again. Plus, of course, the song is really catchy.

It works thematically as well. Think about it--what are Obama's biggest political liabilities?

1) Perceived as "not black enough."

2) Too weak on national defense.

Now watch that video. It's nothing but African-Americans and warplanes dropping bombs! It's eerily on message, almost as if Obama's message team created that video specifically for his campaign.

It isn't only the junior Senator from the Land of Lincoln who could use a musical hand from the Gap Band. The "Christian Right" would be wise to consider either (or both) Gap Band classics as its musical standard.

"Burn Rubber." Given the reaction of many GOP operatives after the mid-term elections, who couldn't relate to

You took my money, you took my time
Made me think everything was fine
Then you upped and ran away
And made me just go crazy

You told me to go up the block
And get you a strawberry pop
When I got back to the flat
You had burned rubber out the back

I went to the closet and saw no clothes
All I saw was hangers and poles
I went to the phone and called your mother
And told me you had burned rubber on me . . .

We feel your pain, brother.

Or, given the urgency of finding a suitable candidate to support in 2008, there's "Early in the Morning."

Now I gotta get up early every morning
Cause the early bird always catches the worm
Now I gotta get up every morning
Gotta make up for the lesson I've learned
Gotta find me a lover that won't run for cover
Gotta find me a lover that won't run the mother

These are even catchier than "You Dropped A Bomb" and, thus, would be even more helpful. Consider it my contribution to the cause.

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