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February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday reflections

Rod Dreher shares a lesson he's already learned from Lent this year:

I tried that this morning in prayer -- imagining that I was at the last moment before Judgment, and had to confess my sins. It's amazing how that focuses the mind, and one's prayers. I'd also been thinking about Forgiveness Vespers, and how even though my family was too ill to make it this year, we still need to ask each other's forgiveness. Praying this morning with the Judgment in mind, it came straight to my attention how hard-hearted I've been toward my son Matthew lately. To say he's a strong-willed child is to say that McDonald's sells hamburgers. We've had some serious struggles lately with his attitude and behavior, and speaking for myself, a lot of frustration. But this morning, in prayer, I thought about how God the Father must see me, and how deeply frustrating my constant falling back into bad habits of the heart must be to Him -- and how I trust in His mercy and patient lovingkindness.

Read more to learn how Rod put this lesson into practice.

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Michael Snow

Very refreshing! Wow! To actually read a Biblical view of forgiveness: "... we still need to ask each other's forgiveness."

Imagine, someone actually asking another's forgiveness rather than partaking of the self-therapy prescribed in so many Christian writings these days where one is told to make a solitary mental transaction instead of following Jesus' instructions.

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