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February 21, 2007

Anna Nicole Boycott

The news media have been all agog over the death of Anna Nicole Smith. Frankly, the fact that they have spent hundreds of hours on this story disturbs me as much as their giving her any attention at all when she was alive. She was a poor, benighted soul who, like Marilyn Monroe, was yet another "victim" of Hugh Hefner's playboy mentality. She was a FOOL, and we can grieve for the wasteland she made of her own life; but we should all refuse to wade through the filth she left behind.

Unfortunately, we can probably expect the Anna Nicole Ghoul Show to go on for months and months -- given all the slimy skunks who are crawling out of the woods to lay claim to the infant (and money) she left behind. The whole mess stinks, and I'm on a personal crusade to boycott any TV news program that mentions her name. As soon as an AN clip comes on, I change the channels. Given the ubiquitous nature of the story, I sometimes have to change channels a lot, or I simply hit the "off" button and go read something edifying.

Want to join me?

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Greg Laurich

That makes two of us. I'd rather watch paint dry, grass grow and cars rust than any more of this train wreck. I was tired of it after about 25 minutes so you can imagine how tired of this I am now...

David Cervera

Wait, but you just mentioned her, doesn't that mean that I have to...

Dennis Babish

Can we include Brittany Spears?

Michael Snow

I was going to skip this item, but do cheer on the boycott.

Dennis stole the one comment that I was going to make.

David makes a point that concerns me about all the tabloid stuff on The Point.

And Greg has me ROFL

herman greenstein

wasn't Spears in a church choir? weren't her parents in a philanthropy? and all she wants to do now is , well, must i say?

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