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January 25, 2007

Thought for the Day

"Nothing enters the mind without having an effect for good or evil. There are many things we need not see or know, and are better off not seeing or knowing." -- Dallas Willard

Each reader obviously must decide how best to apply this. For me, one application relates to what TV shows and movies I choose to watch. For instance, I can't imagine the "value" of seeing the new Dakota Fanning film which contains child rape scenes. I agree with Paul Petersen (former child star on The Donna Reed Show) that NOTHING justifies putting this child actor in such a situation. What were her parents thinking? (Other than how much $$$$ they'll make by exploiting their daughter!)

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Lee Hargrove

I agree with all of your comments, and am especially horrified that Dakota's parents would permit their precious daughter to be a part of such coarseness. NO ONE on the planet could possibly be benefitted by seeing this movie or others which are devoid of beauty, creativity, and any redeeming value. Dakota is a wonderful actor and I pray that this experience will not set her up for a quality of life which mirrors this film. Shame, shame, shame on her parents for not guiding their daughter away from such garbage.

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