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January 23, 2007

The $100 Challenge

100dollarI ran across this idea at Al Hsu's blog and love it. Basically the challenge is to set aside $100 and come up with a way to use it creatively and productively for the Kingdom. Like the parable of the stewards who were given different amounts of talents, the idea is to take this $100 and see how fruitfully you can invest it (not bury it) for the kingdom. At BreakPoint we talk a lot about bringing a biblical worldview to bear on every aspect of life. If you set aside $100 and thought creatively about it, how could you invest it to see a biblical worldview spread? Here are a few of my first ideas:

1.) Purchase 16 bibles for the Angel Tree children our church reached out to this Christmas and deliver them with a Valentine's note that tells about God's love on Feb. 14th.

2.) Write a check for a partial scholarship for a college-bound high school student to attend the Jubilee 2007 conference in Pittsburgh this February where they will hear from Gary Haugen of the International Justice Mission and find out about how to navigate the waters of college as a Christian.

3.) Invite about 30-40 folks to see the upcoming film, Amazing Grace, the story of William Wilberforce. Afterward, invite folks over for cake and punch and a discussion about how Christians today can collaborate together like the people of the Clapham Community to foster God-honoring change in our society.

4.) Give seed money to my friend who is launching a video testimony project on the internet.

5.) Invest $100 in a CD or bond to be put aside to help one of the prisoner parents of our Angel Tree children when they get out of prison with a new outfit for job interviews and other small necessities.

If you've got a blog, I encourage you to post this challenge on your own site. Let's see it spread!!! If you've got a small group or Sunday School class, propose this idea as a group challenge. And I'd love to hear some of your ideas here... I think it could help others think creatively and out of the box. What about the rest of the contributors here at The Point, what are some of your ideas? Do share...

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Mark Larson

Great article. Here's a couple ideas:

(1) Buy 100 copies of the New Testament (you can find $1 paperback NT copies online) and distribute one or more to each of your Christian friends. Then ask each of them to give the NT to an unsaved friend. This would not only get you involved in evangelism but discipleship as well as you are helping 100 other Christians spread His Word.

(2) Similar to the CD/bond idea, place the $100 into a Section 529 plan (college savings plan) for a young child. The parent(s) of that child will be reminded of Christ's love year in and year out as they receive financial statements showing the growth of their Section 529 plan.

Spread His love,
Mark Larson

Joel W

You can buy 200 ESV paperback New Testaments for $100 - I just did it. Insert some info about your chosen local church and hand them out!!

John Nunnikhoven

1) Vermont warehouses many of its offenders with long sentences in private prisons in Kentucky and Oklahoma. I would use the $100 for phone cards to enable some of the families to stay in touch with their fathers and husbands.

2) Or use it as seed money for "Dismas and Friends," where we are trying to develop employment opportunities for inmates with no acceptable work histories.

Julia Reed

I would purchase the CDs by Dr. Ergun Caner "When Worldviews Collide" or "Wide Angle" by Dr. Colson and invite four couples to spend the next eight Sunday evenings watching them, having fellowship and discussion.

Steve Duignan

1) A different angle: Money goes 10 to 100 times farther in the third world. My wife and I roofed a mission hospital in Senegal for $100. Send the money overseas for max impact.

2) Then, commit to things here that cannot be purchased. I have a Christian brother in prison for a sex crime. He needs restoration the prison shrinks can't provide. We give prayer, letters, and visits now...a job, fellowship, and accountability later.

(I liked the other ideas, too. I bet the Lord has a creative idea for everyone who prays about it - Steve)

Thomas Archer

I would anonymously purchase Valentine cards/or some type of individual flowers and have them delivered to female inmates at my local county jail with an attached note that reads something like: "Don't ever forget that even in the roughest of times, I love you." (Signed GOD) Also, I would include a verse at the bottom of the card such as, Romans 5:8 "But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

Lee Hargrove

My $100 goes to the Institute for Creation Research which has been doing REAL scientific research into creation issues for many years. Their findings have led to the conversion of many non-believers and to the building up of the Body of Christ in faith and trust in the truths contained in Genesis.

Bryon Phinney

$100 will purchase a bike for a pastor in training at the Kafakumba Pastor's School in Zambia. These pastors use the bikes to reach the remote villages in surrounding hostile countries which I believe are now closed to missionaries.

LaDonna Wilson

$79.95 will buy 'Rewired' from the Breakpoint website. Using this Christian worldview curriculum, begin a 'Rewired' club in a public jr.high/high school, mentoring student leaders to lead other students to think Christianly and ultimately, to Christ! Use the rest ($20) for pizza for your student leaders' meeting as you introduce the program. We had ten 7th graders led to Christ last week at our meeting! The kids LOVE the videos and the discussions.


Get some airtime to advertise the worldview class I'm putting together to give during October.


Get translations of Total Truth and other such books to pastors in the 2nd and 3rd worlds.

$100 won't go far, but it is a start.

Steve (SBK)

Conservatively estimating, you could buy 20 cups of coffee with $100. That's 10 "let's go for coffee for an hour or two" with another person. That's 10 to 20 hours "vis-a-vis". That's a lot of quality time to help spread a biblical worldview. At least, I think that, in this case, depth of focus is more worthwhile than breadth of contact.

On another note: 30 to 40 people to a movie for $100?? wow. cheap. Here in Canada, new movies are $8 to $13 dollars/adult.

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