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January 26, 2007

Re: Whose Friends? Whose Fringe?

It's a minor point perhaps, but Roberto, don't be too hard on confused creationists. I've been there, and it's a difficult place to be. Let's face it, a lot of perfectly intelligent people who don't have scientific minds (like yours truly) and who've been the recipient of bad teaching from both evolutionists and creationists just don't know what to think, and falsely believe they have to make a choice between God and science.

Take it from one who's been on the receiving end of the eye rolls: A little patient guidance does a lot more good.

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Sarah Edwards

Gina, I'd be interested to hear more here of your experiences with this issue. What you talk about in the old blog entry you linked to sounded awfully familiar. Personally, I'm at the stage that when people ask about origins, I just say that however the world began, I'm pretty sure God had something to do with it. However, this completely sidesteps the whole issue of interpreting those verses in Genesis...


There is no choice to be made between God and the experimental method in natural philosophy, a.k.a. science.

There is a choice to be made between God and naturalistic (atheistic) philosophies and their origins myth: the neo-Darwinian synthesis.

Gina Dalfonzo

You're right, Sarah, it sounds like you're exactly where I was when I wrote that old entry. I'll be very glad to tell you more about what I learned and how I learned it, but it's going to end up being way too long for the comments section. Hang on a bit while I put together a separate post on the subject. :-)

Sarah Edwards

I'll be keeping an eye out for it, Gina. :)

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