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January 25, 2007

Re: The $100 Challenge

8. Invest in the life of an ex-offender re-entering society. Use the funds to begin a mentoring program through your church or small-group. Or become involved in a local aftercare program, such as this one, for pre-release inmates. The money will be spent helping ex-offenders get back on their feet and will provide them with a loving mentor to walk with them along the way who will provide biblical counsel.

9. Donate the funds to charitable organizations, such as this one, which seek to provide assistance to widows and their families. There are many other organizations out there which seek to meet the needs of believing and non-believing women alike.

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James Walter

My wife is a volunteer in the local Pregnancy Resource Center (sometimes I get "volunteered" to haul a bed or two or a van full of baby items). $100 would help pay for gas or grocery gift cards or diapers, or buy car seats at a Goodwill store or some thrift shop. I have come to appreciate just how important simple things like that are to women and families in need. I am not slighting big donations, but Jesus is also incarnated in these simple things.

Sarah Martin

This one took some thought since there were already so many great ideas. I would like to use that $100 at my local Life Care Pregnancy Center to pay for bible study materials for the women who come to the clinic. I would love to do a study on redemption and restoration, because don't we all need that no matter what our life situation is?!

Duane Olcsvary

-Ink and card stock you printed with worldview message: $2.39

-Coffee on the house for everybody at the local Starbucks: $97.61.

-Seeker seeds planted: Priceless

Esther White

1) Spend $100 as you take the time to be a mentor in a childs life here in the states through Big Brother Big Sister or other organizations.

2) Invest in your local crisis pregnancy center by donating $100 to keep the lights on and the counselors able to shar the gospel and hope with everyone that walk through the doors.

3) Spend $100 to invest in the life of a child in a a foreign country by offering food, aid, education and medicine through organizations like World Vision.

Morris N. Harper

Last summer while in Mongolia, $100 was used to buy eight newly available Mongolian language study Bibles. They were given to four pairs of two teachers. The teachers used them to study from and conduct Bible studies with their students and parents of same at isolated locations where they spent eight weeks teaching a variey of preschool, English, and math classes. Most of those taught had never before heard the name of Jesus.
Remember how excited you were when you got your first study Bible? These eight teachers impacted the lives of several hundred of their students and the students' parents.

Monique Black

I would purchase tri-tip, chicken and side dishes, take them to a local park where a lot of homeless folks live and while my husband prepared the meat in his smoker, I would invite the people there to our meal. While we wait for the meat to cook, I would ask them if they would share their worldview with me, and when doors were opened, I could ask some of them questions that challenge the way they see the world and their place in it.

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