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January 23, 2007

Re: The $100 Challenge

6.) Purchase 20 $5 gift certificates to McDonald's. Keep 10 and pass out 10 to family and friends. Pass on your 10 to homeless folks in your area and encourage your family and friends to do the same. I purchased a few a while back and gave one to a little girl I tutor. Last week at "Tutoring Tuesdays," she informed me that she had given one of the coupons to a homeless woman she saw standing outside of . . . McDonald's.

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vanessa knutsen

Probably good for that local McDonalds that you give part of the certificates to non-street people.

If that one McDonalds is inundated with street people, it might hurt their business.

a BETTER STRATEGY??? Maybe buy gift certificates at all the local fast food restaurants in an area. Then proceed with your giveaway plan. That way, the street people and non street people are more integrated into, say, the KFC, the Taco Bell, the Burger King, as well as the McDonalds.

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