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January 25, 2007

RE: $100 Worldview Ideas

Use the $100 to buy baby clothes, disposable diapers, and a car seat, then donate them to your local Choose Life organization, which offers such items to women who choose to keep their babies rather than have abortions. It's one thing to talk about being pro-life, another to provide the practical assistance that many women and babies need.

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Gina Dalfonzo

I like that idea, Diane. When my mom and I were buying baby clothes for my goddaughter the other day (and noting just how quickly the money goes when we do this), she came up with the idea of keeping an eye out for sales and picking up a bunch of clothes for the local crisis pregnancy center. They always need as much as they can get.

Rick Hooten

RE: $100 Worldview Ideas

One of the least expensive and easiest ways to make an impact for worldview would be to buy the DVD set of The Truth Project by Focus on the Family (www.thetruthproject.org) and then lead a small group study through it. I just completed this study with a group of about 20 and nearly everyone came back every week. All the participants spoke highly about the engaging and stimulating study and would recommend it for others.

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