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January 23, 2007

’Elvis lives’ says cosmologist

In an online interview, Marcus Chown, cosmology consultant for New Scientist was asked what he thought about creationism and intelligent design. His answer:

“Well, it’s not a science. We live in a world where we have antibiotics, pure running water and technology that makes our lives, on the whole, better. To throw all that out of the window is very scary. It isn’t simply that they want to establish creationism as a science, but they want to remove the alternatives. To go back to a medieval superstitious time is very worrying.”

Yes. That would be worrying -- if that effigy of ID bore any semblance of reality. However, in contrast to the strawman Chown has constructed, ID’s aim, as stated by the Discovery Institute, is “to empirically detect whether the ‘apparent design’ in nature acknowledged by virtually all biologists is genuine design (the product of an intelligent cause).” That’s worlds apart from the Dark Age shamanism Chown predicts ID would foist on civilization.

But speaking of worlds -- what kind of science does Mr. Chown plump for? One which leads to the “unavoidable conclusion” that there are an infinite number of universes in which “Elvis didn’t die...but is still alive.” (I’m not making this stuff up. Check out the link for yourself.)

Really now. And how do we know that? Because “At the start of the 20th century, we simply thought our galaxy was the Milky Way but it keeps getting bigger and bigger -- we had no idea it was one among tens of billions of galaxies.”

Sooo -- our expanding knowledge of the visible universe is proof of, or least evidence that there are an infinite number of universes? Seems so.

I think going back to medieval supertitionism is the least of our worries.

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David Cervera

I wonder if Mr. Chown has considered that, if the theory of infinite universes is true, then there is a universe (indeed, an infinite number of universes) where Marcus Chown is a hard-core, Evangelical Christian. And who's to say that that Marcus Chown is any more correct than our universe's Marcus Chown?

Lee Hargrove

You wonder how people like Marcus Chown are able to make it through their daily lives believing this nonsense. And what's up with the title of the publication he writes for, "New Scientist"? Where's the science???

Recently, I was reading articles on the Weight Watchers website and clicked on the link to their "science" department where I found a reference to evolution in an article about losing weight!! I sent the following comment to the "science" department:

It's interesting that the "science" center of WW would author an article which mentions how man "evolved" into a creature who ate whatever was available to survive. What scientific proof do you have of this claim? None, because none exists. Real scientists realize that evolution is a belief system, not a proven fact. It never can be scientifically proven because no one was there when it all started! There's no reason at all to make offensive religious comments on the WW website since WW is not a religious program. Evolution is a belief system (religion) which relies on faith in what can never be seen, tested, or measured, just like Christianity does. At least, be honest and realize that both systems are based on faith and presuppositions. There's absolutely no evidence anywhere that macro-evolution has taken place, and there's MUCH real evidence in opposition to the theory of evolution. Read the newest scientific writings on the subject. Most of the people who used to believe in evolution are now firmly of the opinion that it could never have taken place, and is not taking place now. Our junior high and high school science teachers were giving us false religious information. It's time to do some reading and thinking on our own.

Probably no one will ever read my comments. Oh well, I felt better after I sent it!

Regis Nicoll

Lee, great comments. If it's any consolation, at least the appreciative readership of The Point will see your comments. Cheers!


I agree, and think science should be taken out of schools, just as God has been taken out.

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