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January 26, 2007

Another good use for that $100

If this doesn't shatter your heart, you don't have one (H/T Catherina):

Srey was rescued from the life of a sex slave by Somaly Mam, a former prostitute who runs shelters for the victims of Cambodia's sex trade. Somaly has rescued 53 children, so far. Many of them have profound psychological trauma. Some clearly are mentally ill. ...

"A lot of them, when they arrive, have psychological problems ... very big problems. ... And they never have love by the people, by their parents," Somaly said.

One girl at Somaly's shelter appears especially disturbed. She was rescued after being imprisoned for two years in a cage, where she was repeatedly raped.

She needs psychiatric care, but there is none available. Somaly says she does her best to give this girl love and support, but that it's not easy with so many other needy children around.

Somaly herself suffered terrible ordeals when she worked the streets, including seeing her best friend murdered. She is determined to build something positive out of so much despair.

A little Googling turned up evidence of the terrible price Somaly and her family have had to pay for helping these desperate girls. It also turned up the website for Somaly's organization, complete with instructions on how to donate to this vital work.

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M. Thomas Maxwell III

It appears that this is just another tragedy of a worldview which has as a basis the personal lustful desires of man. This forcefully brings to us all the strong comments of Cornelius Plantinga in his book A Breviary of Sin, regarding the pollution and disintegration that this horrible sin has brought to these young girls and to the community where they exist. It is with great sorrow that we have to witness this human destructions of God’s creatures for the sake of lustful desires. It is encouraging that God has raised up Somaly Mam who has the courage to challenge this worldview and work to support these precious girls. An organization that should receive our support.

Tess L

I have read articles about Somaly Mam and the amazing work she is doing. She is Buddist and from what I read I think that it is hard for her to reconcile her faith with what she sees. Hard for her to keep hope and not be totally overwhelmed with grief. I don't know if Christians working in this type of area would also feel the same way or not but reading the articles really made me feel that Christians are not doing nearly enough. Sex Slavery is huge and probably one of the most horrific tragedies of this century, yet hardly anything is being done about it. Very few Christians in my experience even know that it happens. Christians should be on the front lines fighting this but very few organizations are out there. I find this very frustrating!

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