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December 18, 2006

Why can’t more men (and women) be like this?

Actor Will Smith:

What have you personally had the audacity to hope for?
WS: It feels weird for me to talk about my audacity of hope in the framework of Chris Gardner’s life. I’d have to say no, I’ve never had any hope as audacious as Chris Gardner. But I’ve had situation where there’s no reason to believe that things are going to turn out the way that they’re going to turn out. When Jada and I got together, that period in our lives, there’s no reason for us to be successful in our relationship. There was a whole lot of obstacles lined up for us not to make it. And to me, even on that small level, we always say that divorce can’t be an option. Because if you allow divorce to be an option, there’s absolutely one day you’ll check that box. So it’s audacious to remove it as an option. It just isn’t an option. That’s not one of the choices that we have, no matter what happens. And that type of audacity is what it takes to make things successful.

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If only more pastors would be faithful to their call, and have the guts to teach God's word on this subject, and enforce it with church discipline, as the church had for nearly two millenia - no fewer than five times does the New Testament condemn remarriage after divorce, while one's spouse is still alive, as the sin of adultery. I've looked hard for loopholes - there aren't any - unless you married your long-lost sister by mistake, like Tuor son of Hurin.


Isn't sad that Will Smith did not have same convictions that "divorce was not an option" with his ist wife.

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