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December 15, 2006

Not So Free After All

College campuses, particularly public ones, house a great tension of competing worldviews, particularly in regard to sex. Along with this conflict comes great confusion and deception as virtues such as prudence, modesty, and chastity are challenged by the enticement of free expression and promiscuity.

Danielle Crittenden offers a humbling review of a book describing the tragic failure of many campuses to paint an accurate picture of sexual "freedom."

"My patients were hurting, they looked to me and what could I do?" So confesses an anonymous campus physician in the beginning of her startling memoir. Over the course of 200 pages, she tells story after story about suffering young women. If these women were ailing from eating disorders, or substance abuse, or almost any other medical or psychological problem, their university health departments would spring to their aid. "Cardiologists hound patients about fatty diets and insufficient exercise. Pediatricians encourage healthy snacks, helmets and discussion of drugs and alcohol. Everyone condemns smoking and tanning beds."

Unfortunately, the young women described in "Unprotected" have fallen victim to one of the few personal troubles that our caring professions refuse to treat or even acknowledge: They have been made miserable by their "sexual choices." And on that subject, few modern doctors dare express a word of judgment.

This is the logical outcome, however, of a mindset that discards any semblance of real moral standards. If no action that feels right can ever be truly wrong, then how can these deep wounds be prevented? Students crash into the inevitable physical and emotional consequences of the hedonistic lifestyle so easy to acquire at college, and their mentors are apparently bound by tolerance to encourage only that they continue to utilize all of their supposed freedoms. In light of such silence, young people are certainly left "unprotected."

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