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November 30, 2006

Warren and Obama redux

Kathryn Lopez, who's about as pro-life as they come, gives her take on the subject:

Yeah, Obama is bad on abortion. And yeah, Rick Warren is good on abortion. And, yes, abortion is a very important topic for civilization. But Rick Warren is trying to get people in the same room talking and working together to fight AIDs. Progress isn't going to happen if Rick Warren types have their own AIDs conferences and Bill Clinton types have their own AIDs conferences somewhere else and never get together and work together. . . .

She doesn't get into whether it's bad or good for this to happen in a church building or not. But if she did, given the content of this post, I'm guessing she'd say that it's a good thing for a church building to be used in helping the sick. Which, despite legitimate and serious concerns over life issues, is a point worth considering.

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Ah, look at that. I agree with K.Lo.


I hope Rick Warren is hearing support from people in the public (I almost get the feeling he is hiding in a bunker somewhere waiting for the bullets to stop flying). The Saddleback switchboard will probably be mightily relieved when the conference is over, as well.


I don't know of any situations in the Bible where God encouraged his faithful to seek alliances with the faithless in fighting an evil scourge. In fact, such alliances God regarded as faithless and brought about His condemnation (i.e. Isaiah 30:1-5).

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