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November 29, 2006


Just a few points:

  • Believe me, no one was more offended than I at that Reason post when I found the link to it a few weeks ago (via NRO, where whoever posted it -- I think it was Kathryn Lopez -- was also deeply offended). But number one, Sanchez is a libertarian, and conservatism minus religion doesn't always equal libertarianism, so I don't think his post served as a useful illustration of anything related to this discussion -- or for that matter, anything at all except his own unrestrained darker impulses. And number two, we could play the "Look at what THAT naughty conservative/liberal (circle one) said on his site!" all day long without anyone coming out a winner or anything of value being accomplished.
  • Looking at the matter more broadly, Catherina wisely reminds me that "holier than thou"-type competitions generally don't do anyone any good either. She has an excellent point, so if I crowed a little too much over that Sowell piece, I ask your pardon, Roberto. You have to understand, though, that I've always been one who loathes stereotypes and delights in seeing them upended -- particularly, I confess, when they apply to me. When one has been informed for years that the end of one's political philosophy is to see the working poor living in cardboard boxes and unwed mothers thrown out into the streets to starve -- and I know you never have said and never would say such a thing, Roberto, but there are those, and I seem to keep running into them, who loudly and repeatedly have said just that -- then one does tend to feel just a mite gleeful when someone points out that it isn't true.

So that's where I was coming from, and I still maintain that that this study may be quite useful in overturning some unkind, harsh, and damaging generalizations. But around here it might do more harm than good if it gets us brawling, so again, I apologize for any of my own generalizations that were unkind and hurtful. Pot, meet kettle, eh?

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