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November 30, 2006

The story behind the tabloid

A few weeks ago, we sadly noted the end of a Hollywood marriage most people expected to last. Since then, two marriages few expected to last have broken up. (See the cover of this week's issue of Us Weekly if you're in the dark.) The individuals involved are easy fodder for late night stand-up jokes, not to mention tabloid headlines. I'll admit my own reaction to the news echoed Iago, the parrot from Aladdin: "Oh, there's a big surprise! I think I'm going to have a heart attack and die of not surprise!" Both marriages seemed to start off on a note of farce, so perhaps the ending is not so surprising really.

Still, an editorial in a Baptist publication brings a sobering perspective to the issue:

Anyone who celebrates a divorce has abandoned a biblical worldview. Anyone who treats divorce as an entertaining spectacle has abandoned a biblical worldview. Anyone who overlooks the difficult struggles of children of divorce has abandoned a biblical worldview. Any culture in which such celebration, entertainment and neglect of children’s well-being occurs has abandoned a biblical worldview.

In any recognizable Christian perspective, divorce is understood as, at best, a rare, tragic concession to the consequences of human sin.

Well said. I'm one of the estimated 33 million adults in Gen X and Gen Y who are children of divorce. After years of pretending we didn't exist (because if we talk about divorce, that's the same as condoning it, right?), the church is finally listening to us and offering hope to a new generation of children whose homes are broken. Divorce is no laughing matter for kids, whether their parents are pastors or pop stars.

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Dawn Sutherland

Dear Breakpoint,

Thank you for communicating that divorce is no laughing matter! Sometimes there is no differentiation between the church and Hollywood! May the children of divorce desire to break the chains of a broken home by having the biblical worldview when it comes time for them to commit to a mate! Let’s break the cycle of divorce!

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