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November 27, 2006

The ACLU and Choosing Life

Tennessee has become the 16th state to offer “Choose Life” specialty license plates. After losing their court case in opposition to the plates, and their bid for appeal, the ACLU said that their case wasn’t about abortion but about “ensur[ing] that our government does not engage in viewpoint discrimination” and “protect[ing] free speech rights for all Tennesseans.” (Emphasis added.)

“Viewpoint discrimination?” I’m confused—wasn’t this the same organization that filed suit in Dover, PA to silence the intelligent design “viewpoint” in public schools?

“Protect free speech?” My opting to spend 35 extra bucks on a tag containing a slogan is going to infringe on the speech of whom? Sadly, I doubt that my “Choose Life” plate will slow the sales of Planned Parenthood paraphernalia, including the “I Had an Abortion” tee-shirt and “Choice on Earth” greeting card.

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