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November 30, 2006

Re: And a bah humbug to you...

Like doctors, bureaucrats should take an oath to do no harm, but unfortunately, Gina, there is precedence for discouraging ministry, whether it be food or shelter, to the homeless by city and state officials.

Years ago, New York City would not allow Mother Teresa and her group of faithfuls to open a homeless shelter without an elevator. She walked away from the deal because the machinery was too expensive.

I have often wondered how many homeless men and women in NYC missed out on the warm embrace of Christ’s love due to that one harmful bureaucratic decision.

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J Vareles

Re: Mother Theresa & NYC - the Missionaries of Charity eschew all modern conveniences (they removed a water heater from a building donated to them in San Francisco, as well as carpeting in the chapel) preferring to live as the poor whom they serve. In NYC Mother Theresa argued that the shelter did not need an elevator. When asked how someone in a wheelchair would navigate the stairs, Mother's response was that the Sisters would carry them.
[For background see http://www.kenboa.org/pdf/StructureOrganization.pdf]

Kim Moreland

Thanks for the URL and (oops) slight correction. It had been years since I read about the elevator incident, and I should've known better than relying on memory alone. Cheers

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