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November 27, 2006

Mutilated men are NOT women!

On a subject related to Chuck's recent BreakPoint commentary--the one with the gross title: I've never understood why feminists would stand still for the idea that a sexually mutilated man--that is, one who underwent "sex-change" surgery--was the equivelent of a woman. Shouldn't feminists be the first to remind us that woman are far more than--well, men with missing parts? In what sense are men women simply because they've 1) had outward signs of masculinity surgically removed and 2) put on a dress? Genetically, they are still 100 percent male.

There is no such thing as "sex-change surgery" (another instance of language being deliberately misused to deceive). Surgically mutilated men are not women: they're just mutilated men. Similarly, mutilated women are not men. They are, and will always remain, tragically mutilated women.

In a "The emperor has no clothes"  kind of way, children recognize this. They know perfectly well that the 6 ft. 3 "woman" clomping around in size-13 high heels is really a man--no matter what his teachers tell him during "teaching moments."

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Katharine Eastvold

"Sex reassignment surgery" usually is followed up by a course of hormone treatments. While these certainly do not change the person's genetic material, and while I completely agree that a man cannot truly become a woman, it is worth noting that hormones do make a difference. Even in women, though, the effect of hormones is fairly unpredictable! So I can't imagine what havoc they could wreak in a man.

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