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November 29, 2006

’God Stories’

Clouds Recently, USA Today reported about a forthcoming book from Jennifer Skiff, a former CNN correspondent, that brings together her collection of "God stories." (H/T Thunderstruck.) Her website lists some sample stories and allows for you to submit your own. Stories range from the fantastical (strange voices, out-of-body experiences) to the more familiar (circumstances in life adding up to God's hand on it, upon hindsight).

Her own story?

God touched her life at age 32, when a doctor said she had a malignant tumor in her bone marrow. Upon getting the diagnosis, “I no longer had a will to live,” she remembers. But then she was “overwhelmed” with calls, visits, even encouraging notes from strangers. A week passed before DNA tests came back: benign.

“I felt as though the week had been for me to see all that I had, and to appreciate it and to move forward” with meaningful work and new personal projects, such as running an animal refuge center. “It was kind of like the thunderbolt, the slap in the face that said, ‘Get on with it! Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get on with it!'

“That, for me, was confirmation that a divine power was working in my life.”

I'll admit I get skeptical when I hear stories about strange voices and apparitions -- not skeptical about God's existence, but rather about the veracity of the story. But the stories displaying the imago Dei, the evidence of God in people, are encouraging. If you've got a story to share, go over to www.godstories.com and submit it.

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David Cervera

As much as I appreciate the philosophical arguements for the existence of God, I've been struck recently that God, being personal, much prefers to prove his existence to us personally. It's easy to be skeptical about these stories, because they're not meant to prove God to you, but to the person it happened to. God doesn't want us to just believe He exists, He wants us to know Him.

I think of the blind man Jesus cured in John 9. Brought before the Pharisees to testify about Jesus, his reply was, "One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!" He didn't appear to persuade the Pharisees, as he was immediately expelled from the temple. But his response later to Jesus himself is such a moving example not just of belief, but of true faith that...oh, just Google "John 9" and see what I mean :).

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