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November 22, 2006

Calling Cesar Millan!

Someone is badly in need of a session with the Dog Whisperer.

He was going to pardon the National Thanksgiving Turkey anyway, but President Bush figured he really owed the bird this time. His dog had just scared the stuffing out of it.

Bush spared the turkey -- named ''Flyer'' in an online vote -- during a Rose Garden ceremony on Wednesday. The backup bird, ''Fryer,'' was also pardoned but nowhere to be seen on this raw day.

The president explained that his Scottish Terrier, Barney, got involved this year. The presidential dog typically gets his exercise by chasing a soccer ball around the Rose Garden.

''He came out a little early, as did Flyer,'' Bush said. ''And instead of chasing the soccer ball, he chased the bird. And it kind of made the turkey nervous. See, the turkey was nervous to begin with. Nobody's told him yet about the pardon I'm about to give him.''

Sure, the turkey gets to live but look at the picture: he's clearly been scarred by the experience. Flyer, I know how you feel.

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Cindy M. Gallano

Forget about the dog whisperer! He got sued because of neglect in handling a very prominent client's dog! I know dog behavior pretty well myself, and God does not create junk! Common sense would have aleviated that situation!

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