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November 30, 2006

Another Strike against Humanity

An item came to my attention this week which has my stomach churning. There has been an increased in the number of zoos “exhibiting” humans. For instance, the Copenhagen Zoo had a human exhibit in 1996 and the London Zoo in 2005. Talk about slippery slopes, as loathsome as the first two were, Australia’s Adelaide Zoo exhibit will prove to be even worse.

We’re told the human subjects will be housed in an old orangutan dwelling “next to their fellow great apes,” and we’re told the people will be “treated like apes.” Along with veterinarian examinations and ape toys, zoo keepers will hide the inmates’ food. We have to be thankful for some small token of common sense because keepers are recognizing one human sensibility—modesty—so human subjects won’t be swing from the branches naked but will be wearing swimsuits. By golly, one wonders if the “subjects” will be provided with couches or mattresses, or if they’ll have to huddle together on concrete floors. Hopefully these “animals” will be provided with a port-o-potty too.

Tongue-in-cheek aside, I can foresee other exhibits coming to a zoo near us where humans -- could be Christians or some other detested group of people -- will be stripped of their freedom and put on display for other’s delight.

We’ve had plenty of experience with people trying to show us we’re nothing special, and it has always resulted in abject horror and death. The fact is, we are special, and no zoo exhibit will change that.

If you ever find yourself subjected to zoo time, remember that you’re created in the image of God, and despite bad ideas and actions, nobody can take that away.

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Interesting, Kim.

If history truly is cyclical, one wonders how long it will be until Christians are once again fed to the lions in the Coliseum, either literally or metaphorically.

God forbid; but then, it's happened to better people than us.


Pffft, I applied for the Human Zoo, in Adelaide. It's a psychological experiment, not some big nasty pro-evolution conspiracy.


The Human Zoo in Adeladie is designed to raise awarness for Primate conservation and the problems the humans are causing to our colsest relatives. They are not making fun of the animals but using the humans to educate others, if just 10 people learn about the plight of our worlds wildife I think this is good thing, go Human Zoo.

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