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October 31, 2006

Well, This is New

Bulgarian striker Ivelin Popov is regarded as a potential star and future mainstay of his country's national squad. The biggest obstacles that stand between him and achieving his potential are his "wild living" and "volatile temper."

Fans of the Portland Jail Blazers, Cincinnati Bungles, and the Minnesota Viking Cruises, as well as the rest of American sports fans are, by now, used to reading about  players with "character issues." So, there's nothing noteworthy in this story, except for what Popov's team decided to do about his "character issues": instead of suspending him or compelling him to enroll in an "anger-management" class or some other kind of counseling, they ordered him to get married.

Bulgarian premier league side Litex Lovech have ordered striker Ivelin Popov to get married in the coming year in the hope that it curtail his wild living.

Even more surprising is Popov's response:

"I accept the order and I promise to do it," said Popov who is a key member of Bulgaria's under-21 squad. "My bosses are right to want such a thing from me because they know my temper."

Fortunately for Popov, he's got a particular footballer's wife in mind:

"She's very nice and very smart. I think this will be the woman of my life, so don't remind me my past, please," he said.

"They want me thinking only about football and the marriage probably will help me to calm down.

"I know I'm a very bad boy and I want to meet my 20th birthday as a married man."

The prospective Mrs. Very Bad Boy wasn't available for comment.

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herman greenstein

and what with his temper, the prospective Mrs. Bad Boy may not be around much longer. (six feet under?)

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