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October 30, 2006

The Centurions Program: Reflections From A Centurion

It was in the summer of 2003 when I first heard about the Centurions Program on the radio. It was one of those “sense of destiny” moments in life where you know that your giftedness, passion and a unique opportunity are all converging. Perhaps you are feeling the same sense of destiny moment now as you consider enrolling in the 2007 Centurions program.

There are many worldview institutes and training opportunities out there. As a 2004 Centurion, I can speak from experience on what distinguishes the Centurions program from the rest.

The Centurions program is more than a learning opportunity. To be selected into this program means you are committed to teaching and mentoring others in how to think with a Biblical worldview. The Centurions program is not a program where you will gather, be taught, and go back to living your life with a fresh set of books and some pictures of you shaking hands with notable Christian speakers. Entering the program comes with a commitment to teach and mentor others. A teaching assignment, in fact, is part of the curriculum. That shared commitment to influence others and pass on knowledge creates a special dynamic that goes with being part of a community of serious, kingdom-minded Christians who want to engage a needy world for the cause of Christ.

The content of the program is meaty and challenging. The speakers, the readings, the writing and movie watching assignments, the devotions, the interactions on the web forum, and the residencies in the D.C., area are all top notch and stretching. The face to face times in D.C. are especially priceless.; I remember coming back from my first residency in January of 2004 both exhausted and energized at the same time. Where else can you sit down and enjoy lunch and talk apologetics with the guy that co-authored Faith Has Its Reasons (Ken Boa)? Where else can you sit through a seminar on influencing worldview thinking through writing, taught by someone with this breadth of writing experience and worldview knowledge, T.M. Moore? Where else can you be taught, mentored and inspired by someone with the knowledge, life experience and authenticity of Chuck Colson? Where can you become part of a cohort of committed, authentic and gracious ambassadors for the kingdom of God like my Point/Centurion co-bloggers Regis, Diane and Martha (the Director who makes this program work)?

The answer is the Centurions program. The deadline for enrollment (Nov 30th) is fast approaching. Come join the adventure.

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Dennis Babish

Your second sentence really hit home for me. Our church is going through Focus on the Family's "The Truth Project" of which I am one of the small group leaders. But ever since I heard about this I felt the tug that this is a "sense of destiny" moment for me. I am working with my pastors to see how to develop this into something longer term. Even my wife has said this dovetails my teaching abilities and passion for worldviews. And this was all before I even heard of the Centurion program. Shortly after that I heard of the Centurion program and told my wife about it. We now both feel that maybe God is wanting me to move in that direction. I don't know if that is true or not. However I do know I need to apply and I am in the process of completing my application. I have 3 people who have enthusiastically agreed to give me a reference as well. But in the end it will be up to God Who will determine if I should be a part of the Centurion program. Even if I don't get into the Centurion program I will continue to teach about the Biblical worldview. Thanks for the article you wrote. It has encouraged me during my application and knowing that this will be an excellent program. I have great respect for Chuck Colson and what he is doing.

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