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October 31, 2006

Talking to Wiccans, Part 2


Following up from yesterday, in today's "BreakPoint" commentary on Wicca's Charm, Chuck tells us what author Catherine Edwards Sanders suggests Christians do to reach out to Wiccans they know.

Wicca is a real, powerful, and dangerous thing. Laura, a high school student, told Sanders that she "had a very bad experience" during a Wiccan ritual and is now "haunted by a scary presence." Kathleen and Paula, two former Wiccans, also report "negative experiences too frightening to describe." Others have similar accounts.

So it's hardly surprising that we Christians would perceive Wicca as a threat. But is it right for us then to turn our backs on Wiccans, or to treat them offensively? What good can that possibly do? That kind of behavior has never been known to win anyone to Christ—on the contrary, it only turns people away. . . .

Art Lindsley of the C. S. Lewis Institute says that Wicca and other forms of neo-Paganism are a result of "the unpaid bills of the church." The Church is supposed to be a place where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Our whole worldview is built on the idea of a loving God who created every person in His own image. When we fail to put that worldview into practice, people lose interest in Christianity. Many of them go off in search of a religion built on self-fulfillment, not love of God—a religion like Wicca.

So how should we as Christians reach out to Wiccans? . . .

Read the rest of the commentary to find out; then come back here and share your thoughts. And if there are any readers out there who have dealt with Wiccan friends/acquaintances, please share how you witnessed to them.

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