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October 25, 2006

Re: Jim Caviezel and others

I don't know who thought of it first (I first saw it on The Corner), but the suggested tagline now floating around the Web for this ad is "I'm Jesus and I approved this message."

While we're on the subject, David Montgomery leads off a story in today's Washington Post on the Fox flap with this: "Possibly worse than making fun of someone's disability is saying that it's imaginary. That is not to mock someone's body, but to challenge a person's guts, integrity, sanity." But with all due respect to Fox, if he does deliberately stop taking his medication at certain times to aid in his political advocacy -- and he's said more than once that he did exactly that when asking Congress to use human embryos for research -- then how does that reflect on his integrity? And, more importantly, what does that say about his cause?

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