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October 30, 2006

RE: Centurion Program


Thanks for expressing so well what the rest of us Centurions have experienced -- that "moment of destiny" when we first heard about the program and realized (sometimes, with great surprise) that we were supposed to apply (and an even greater sense of surprise when we were selected!).

I would add one note to those who are considering the 2007 class: apply with someone you know, such as your spouse or a friend. We had several husband-wife teams in the 2004 class; and my daughter, Allison, and I also went through the program together. First, it was a delight to realize that God was allowing us to grow side-by-side through this unique program and with such fantastic teachers as Chuck Colson, T.M. Moore, Ken Boa, and Glenn Sunshine. Second, doing it together allowed us to carry on discussions beyond the resident weekends and the online community, which enhanced the learning situation considerably.

Since then, it has given us opportunities to work together on some of our post-graduation worldview projects: we've shared ideas and resources as we've taught courses on How Now Shall We Live? and The Question of God in our respective churches (we live in different cities). Currently, we're helping one another shape and critique the presentations we will give at a worldview conference in Austin, Texas in January 2007 (an event organized by another 2004 Centurion). There's no guarantee that both applicants will be accepted into the program, but it's worth the effort to apply just in case.

In the Centurion program, you will learn a great deal that will enhance your ability to think Christianly in all spheres of life; but you will also make some incredible, for-eternity friends. There's nothing quite like being in a room full of Christ-centered believers who are determined to obey the command to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind. The backgrounds of the participants are varied, so you won't always agree on every point of doctrine; however, you will experience the unity of faith that Christ wants us to have. You will find that your mutual love for Christ will bind you together in ways you could not have imagined previously.

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