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October 25, 2006

New York, New Yuck

It's relativism at its most vivid and disturbing in New York City, where the transit authority is apparently opening up its (stall) doors to men who don't really want to be men.

The line for the girls' room just got longer.

Men who live as women can now legally use women's rest rooms in New York's transit system under an unprecedented deal revealed yesterday.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority agreed to allow riders to use MTA rest rooms "consistent with their gender expression," the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund announced yesterday.

A quote from a rider captures the essence of the worldview conflict:

"It doesn't bother me because it is a reality," she said. "If they believe they are women, they should be treated as one."

So "expression" trumps society trumps nature. And feelings trump the inherent dangers of such a policy, particularly to women.

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I saw this earlier today and thought, yeah, I'll hold it if I'm ever on the subway in NYC again. Then again, having been on it, I'd probably wait anyway. But I still heart NY -- even if the Mets are out ...


And I am Tsar of all the Russias! Bow before me!



Does the policy also allow women who live as men to use the men's room? It seems to follow logically.


If "a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy" (Ingrid Newkirk - PETA) and I've always thought of myself as more of a horse, may I change my birth certificate. I would guess the time is coming.

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